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Hotel Review – Inn at the Peachtrees, Atlanta GA


One of the most important rules when traveling is to anticipate and prepare for problems, no matter how sure you are that the arrangements you’ve made are perfect. I’m known for selecting some affordable, though often less-than-perfect hotels when I travel on my own. I take them with a sense of humor. As long as they’re safe and reasonably clean, I walk away satisfied. However, when traveling for business, I’m able to select some slightly more upscale business-class properties that tend to be much more consistent and clean. When I selected the Best Western Plus Inn at the Peachtrees in Atlanta, the property held an excellent 4-star TripAdvisor review average. It’s a 2.5-star hotel (Hampton Inn/Fairfield class), and the photos looked beautiful. All my instincts from years of travel said that this was a no-brainer, and that the stay would be fine. I never imagined that it would spiral into the worst hotel stay of my life.

About a month before my stay, the property dropped the Best Western brand, becoming the independent “Inn at the Peachtrees”. This is a big red flag, but the recent reviews still seemed fine so I didn’t change my reservation. Upon arriving, I was so confident that the place would be adequate that I glossed over a bunch of issues during my initial room video/inspection. When I started noticing more cleanliness issues and requested a new room, things turned shockingly bad. I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story.

For a more concise review of this property, check out one of the only 1-star TripAdvisor reviews I’ve ever written: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g60898-d86215-r348326796-Best_Western_Plus_Inn_at_the_Peachtrees-Atlanta_Georgia.html

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  1. As someone who is majoring in hotel management, this is a fantastic video to learn from. None of the hairs or dirt are acceptable and it is apparent that housekeeping is not performing room cleaning the way they should be. I give you lots of credit for handling the situation the way you did and I sure hope that this goose chase resulted in a comped room. No excuse for making guests run around at midnight to almost half-a-dozen rooms. Seemed as though staff was pretty professional about handling it (other than the shift change issue).. Excellent video (as always)!

  2. Well, that's one hotel I shal strike off my list for my trip to Atlanta in the Fall. What a shambles. Love your channel by the way. Especially the hotel reviews and train and 'plane segments.

  3. 10:28 I had to replay this part a few times, made me laugh, "throw pillows" you made me laugh with that one lol

  4. Wow, I honestly felt kinda bad for you and the front desk guy as I assumed you were both embarrassed finding 3 unsatisfactory rooms.

  5. I would be very pissed off. I would ask for my money back number 1 and number 2 ask them to book you to another property on their own dime. Man I love Atlanta especially their airport. So if I were to have a long layover I will stay away from the Inn at the Peachtrees.

  6. Did you notice that room one did not have a roll in shower even though it was an ADA compliant room?

  7. +The Elevator Channel you can change the frame rate on your iPhone in the system settings.

  8. Well, I know where I won't be staying in Atlanta. I'm really sorry that you had such a poor experience here, and that is truly unacceptable on the hotel's behalf. On the bright side, I am really enjoying your hotel tours and reviews. Easily some of the best on YouTube, and I love how descriptive they are. Keep it up man!

  9. Just filmed the elevators today. They are very interesting GEMCO elevators with old GAL fixtures, but yes this place is a dump!!!

  10. Online review scores are very questionable now that these sites have been around for so many years that they don't account for changes over time yet the old reviews stay the same. I now read through a few reviews from the last few months and make a decision based on that.

  11. Ive had good lucknwith Holiday Inn express, they cost a bit more but Ive never had any issues (except maybe location in regads to walking to anything) but they have a decent simple complementry breakfast

  12. Utterly disgusting but honestly I think the customer service really did try to help which improves the situation somewhat

  13. That is so disgusting. I can't believe it's a 4 star hotel and has hair all over the place. Well I guess u learned to never stay there.

  14. This hotel should be changed back to best western plus and I'm sure best western can do 100 times better

  15. I stayed here when it was a Best Western and man I do remember it being much better. I don't remember any issues. but that was like 9 years ago…

    But some guy with a gun ran into the place with a gun supposedly. Atleast that is what my friends said..

  16. Dude there is like nothing at all high end about that shower. That is stamped brick patterns on bath fitter grade plastic. You can't get cheaper looking than that. The fittings and fixtures are nice but hardly high end. I must admit the room is of a higher quality than just standard ghetto but that room or hotel is no where near upscale. That room is what folk call "Ghetto Fabulous." Come on man the ironing board in the entry foyer is a dead give away for ghetto fabulous designation. The entry foyer is where most hotels want to give you the WOW moment where you form your opinion of the hotel. The foyer of your room frames your stay. That foyer with its ironing board attached to the wall and its white "trip string" in an ADA room is solid core Ghetto Fabulous man.

    That hotel room was effectively clean but on a downward spiral toward dump. I've stayed in only one place worse than that and it was a Hampton Inn franchise motel. My worse night in a hotel ever bar none. An elevator that just barely worked too. I've seen nicer cleaner better kept elevators in prisons I remarked to one of the hotel staff.

  17. I end furnishings nope dude thats particle board covered in fake plastic wood laminate is that what you call high end. Oh please no say it ain't so. This hotel is just what I called it Ghetto fabulous dude. Ghetto fabulous looks high end till you look closer. Everytime you look really close at ghetto fabulous the fabulous disappears and you are left with only GHETTO! This whole video could be called how to detect ghetto fabulous accommodations 101.

  18. Dude let me tell you why the door is warped. That is a perfect example of what a ghetto hotel should have. The metal fire door entrance to your room was warped because; it is a sign that Law Enforcement in the past has broken in that room leaving the door warped permanently from the effort. The room I was in in Hampton Plaza was the exact same way. Dude that place is just a few levels up from the homeless mission. That place is not quite nasty yet but it is fast pushing the meter to the red line on nasty.

  19. I went to a hotel in Bathurst Australia and it was much was than this.

    It was called the family hotel and was placed above a bar.

    The facilities were to be shared (toilet, shower, etc)

    The rooms were miniscule

    You can imagine the rest…

  20. I have to say, after the 2nd room wasn't clean, no less the 3rd and 4th, it would definitely have been acceptable to request a refund and book a stay somewhere else. Especially after the problems continued to pop up in the 4th room, I think you would have been completely justified in at least asking for some compensation after the stay, if not a full refund to book a room at another hotel.

  21. So sorry you had to put up with that. Sounds like the desk people were professional. If I ever stay in Atlanta, I'll stay somewhere else.

  22. I am so sorry you had a bad experience. I stayed at the Ellis Hotel last year and loved it! This is a small 16 floor business style hotel with private floors (using your keycard) and ladies only floor.

  23. thats why Lysol goes everywhere with me. Even 5 star accomodations are filthy and not cleaned properly.

  24. What trip website ( like TripAdvisor ) would rate it four stars? That is uncalled for.

  25. I don't think I ever seen a hotel with that many issues. I seen Econo Lodge rooms with less issues than the one you stayed at.

  26. Looks like the housekeepings were very lazy to do a more detailed cleaning. Unacceptable!

  27. Seems to me like you just went in there to look for shit wrong with it.. So fuck you for that..

    This is not the 5 star hotel.. and Ill bet you got a cheap room anyway

    Most of these hotels are much shittier than that..

    I stayed at one in houston and it was way worse.. you complain about little shit like decor,etc..

  28. After the third room I would have been like screw it, I'd like my money back and gone to the Hyatt!

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