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Hotel Review – Quality Inn St Louis Airport


Long story short: I live in St. Louis, but I spent a few months in Jefferson City this summer. During that time, my apartment was unavailable because of construction. Then, when it came time to catch a flight to New York (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2phhjHaMFo), an airport hotel was a great option for the night before my flight. I picked this Quality Inn because it was the cheapest option that included parking for the week. The included hot breakfast was an excellent bonus. With a rate this low, all the hotel really had to do was hit the basics to impress me. Unfortunately, it still fell a bit short. Since I spent quite a few hours in the room, I ended up with a lot of footage–hence the highly detailed review. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. What's the point of remodeling the rooms if they can't even maintain the place? Seems a bit ridiculous!

  2. Well that's uh….some hotel there lol! I remember a long time ago staying at a Quality inn and the showers being total crap.(The story with this one was that it was real dirty.) The room does look really nice, defiantly great for the price. Weird that they switched out your room though, I would have thought that they'd have just looked at the plumbing issue's. (It was even weird that they left early.) That lady probably got upset that she got double charged, it was good that you checked your bed though. Because, who knows it could have been the story all over again of the guy who found dry blood on the mattress at Motel 6. But overall uhh…..weird hotel!
    Grade=C+(I guess, I don't even know.)

  3. Lancaster, PA Location was way worse. My favorite part was that you could only hit your floor in the elevator or it got stuck.

  4. Aside form the maitnence/housekeeping issues, the room seems pretty nice. It does have quite a bit of potential if they paid a little more attention to detail.

  5. being able to avoid the front desk is a design error.  shower looks nice.  interesting collection of different styles in that room.  strange bed looks comfortable.  I call it a double review.  modern cell phones have power alarm.  it turns on at the set time. 

  6. Disney's budget resorts aren't that great either. I wonder if "Quality" is run by Disney? 🙂

  7. I have been a Quality Inn, they are o.k., but not the worst either.  I prefer La Qunita or Hampton Inn, never been disappointed. 

  8. The one in Baltimore was… interesting. Certainly worked for Otakon since I was at the BCC most of the time away. Definitely different when you're used to a Hilton or Westin ^^;

  9. Well this isn't the only place with the mini-pillow's, apparently the hotel that i'm siting in has them too. And a dated hair drier.

  10. That is untrue it is a policy they wash the bed cover it is required by law

  11. This looks a tad nicer than the Quality Inn I stayed at in Alabama. This QI was really old and downright creepy. The building had this musty, smoky smell that I just couldn't handle. The bed was uncomfortable and there was this red light in the room that wouldn't turn off and made it difficult to sleep.
    That wasn't even the worst part. The hotel didn't have an elevator! What kind of crackhead builds a hotel and doesn't put a single elevator in it?
    I left that hotel at five or six in the AM and went right across the street to the Holliday Inn which was way nicer.
    People say first impressions last a lifetime so after that experience I'm very reluctant to stay at a QI again.
    Like I said this is definitely a cut above that Alabama hotel but it's a budget hotel so you can't set your expectations too high.

  12. if you visit lancaster pa. you should stay at the lancaster host and review it. its on 2300 lincon hwy.

  13. 18:45 no draining?! mate I am probably used to staying in hotel rooms for spoilt kids but this doesn't really look well kept… as you stated there is a bunch of out dated and old stuff including that ''little table withdrown from the dumpster'' but the thing that kinda shocked me is to tell u the truth that red dirty blanket lol

  14. kinda hope you didn't spot any red bug inside the matress… it looked white snow but I wouldn't trust so much its appearance: they presumably use some kinda spray to remove bugs spots or whatever

  15. Did you get laid while you was staying there?? I stayed at the exact same place only my room number was 108. Did u meet that chick that hangs around the hotel, Candy? The black lady with the big ass. For 40 bucks man full on fuck and blow job. I fucked her for 6 hours and had about 4 orgasms. For 40 bucks. If u ever stay there agains ask for her

  16. This budget hotel reminds of the Embassy Suites that I stayed in Philadelphia last year except for the bed sheets and the hair on the sheets.

  17. Actually at least that the furniture at the Embassy Suites Don't fall apart. like the table that you said was found out of dumpster.

  18. Hi Elevator Channel. I have 3 comments to make.

    1. This is the first video of yours that I have seen. Actually, this is the first video I watched in its entirty. A 23 minute hotel video? I was intrigued. Very interesting video, I must say.

    2. Youcall yourself The Elevator Channel, yet you review a place with no elevator?! Irony, perhaps?

    3. Thnat table by the chair does serve a purpose, actually 2. The first is, if you're sitting on that chair and reading a book (remember those?), you have a place to put the book down if you need to. Second, that table fills the void between the bed and the chair. Granted, that 1st table was a little rickety, but I'm sure a little glue and maybe a couple of screw and some paint/varnish and that table could be rock solid. Of course, that should have been taken care of by the hotel, and not necessarily by the guest.

  19. You think it's hot at 68 degrees? My house's thermostat is set at 75 and my mom still complains about it being too cold. Sucks even more for me since my room is on the second floor. You have no idea how hot it gets up there sometimes.

  20. My pass exsperence with qualty inn hairs sweat bugs on the bed smoking smell to

  21. Just came back from the place where I stayed which was same company as you but was really good

  22. In my Q I stayed at it was nice and clean because I cheeked out early but had my card so I walked into grab stuff I left they took everything out and started cleaning

  23. Stayed at a Quality recently that had just been renovated, but they really needed more attention to the cleanliness. Definite inconsistencies, as you've noticed.

  24. ok so dont ever try the ramada hotel in burbank los angeles because i went there and there were ants in the tub, and vomit in the sink mk?

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