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Hotel Review – Radisson Minneapolis-Bloomington


Haha, well, I got a bit behind on uploading my hotel reviews, but I never thought a property would actually CLOSE before I had a chance to post my review. This property featured some pretty cool family-friendly rooms (likely due to the adjoining water park). While I found the service here was a bit hit and miss, the room itself was pretty solid. Unfortunately maintenance responded poorly to my complaint about air conditioning not working in my first room which really detracted from my overall experience. When I mentioned it was 75 degrees and very humid and that the air coming out of the vent wasn’t cool, I was told that 75 was “standard room temperature” and there was nothing to fix. I gave up arguing and requested a new room (the one in this video), which thankfully had working A/C and was much better.

TripAdvisor: Well, the TripAdvisor listing is gone, as is my review.
Info on closure/renovation: http://www.twincities.com/2017/02/07/great-wolf-confirms-water-park-purchase-near-mall-of-america/

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  1. You should take the Time to Venture down to Faribault MN. They have a Mark VII ChoiceWash and also a Mark VII AquaJet GT-700 at a Kwik Trip Gas Station

  2. Looks like a nice place. Carlson also owns the Country Inn & Suites, also based in Minnesota.

  3. Wow that room was trash and outdated. I can see why that hotel didn't do that well. It's good that they closed it and are going to remodel that hotel.

  4. Why don't you make saying hello in the mirror a trademark? You're a handsome guy, go for it!

  5. The broken spray head is a showstopper for me. I would have screamed to high heaven. Radisson is having serious money trouble.

  6. Yes there are a lot of Radissons around there, as Radisson is headquartered in the Twin Cities.

  7. Omg I remember watching your channel when I had like, 200 subs lol! I'm a really big fan of your channel btw <3

  8. Nice review once again! Seems to be quite a nice hotel, not too bad. Definitely wasn't expecting a bunk bed behind the curtain haha
    Thanks for sharing!

    Brendan Berkhout

  9. What are your thoughts on what happened on the United flight on Sunday, will you still fly them?

  10. Have you stayed at a Marriott? have you did a trip report down south like the Carolinas or the Southwestern parts of the Country?

  11. I know you been to Chicago dozen of times, but are their any sights and attractions to see there?

  12. I been doing alot of Air Travel all the time for Vacations and been in alot of hotels and Everytime I go I always imagine myself doing a Trip Report and a Hotel review like you do. But I always travel on United even though their not the best in all world's. but because I always fly Direct though. I always book a direct flight. no connections because I worry that if their is a delay or a cancellation that I will miss my connecting flight. But I love your trip Reports‚Äč and Hotel Reviews. keep it up. I watch it all the time Everytime you put a new Review!

  13. Nice vid! Your hotel reviews are very informal and detailed, and are giving me tips on providing more details on my reviews.

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