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How Amazon textbook rentals work


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  1. Lets say the due date of my hardcover textbook is December 18, 2015. Does that mean my return package has to be postmarked by December 18th, the label has to be printed by December 18, or the return package has to be in the Amazon warehouse by December 18th? Please let me know.

  2. Hello. I am wondering if you know how I can extend a rental period on a book I already have for Psychology? I already tried asking Amazon and they haven't been able to help me out. I thought that maybe you might know. I tried following the instructions, through the help link. I read them and I can't find the "extend time" link after I click the text book rental I would like to extend the time on. Help, please. I would really appreciate it.

  3. i have wanted to return a rental book for a while but i cant access my account because amazon blocked it and every time i call and email them i get nowhere. they may end up taking a bunch of money from my account for the book but its their fault i cant return it. damn them

  4. okay when I got my rented text book from Amazon there was a booklet on how to return my text book, but after moving and unpacking boxes I can NOT find that booklet. Wouldn't turning all rented text books from Amazon be returned the same way? Or for some books there is just a specific way to do so for that book? Why should it be different?? Help please!

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