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How Consumer Reports Tests Air Purifiers | Consumer Reports


Want to make sure your family is breathing in healthy air? Go inside Consumer Reports’ labs to find out how CR tests air purifiers.

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  1. Something that wasn't pointed out in this video which is worth mentioning is that there all air purifiers are outfitted with different types of air filters. And each one tackles different pollutants. The two most commons are these below:

    HEPA filters remove allergens, dust, dander, mold spores, and some bacteria.
    Activated Carbon filters remove odors from cooking, pets, mold, volatile organic compounds, and tobacco smoke.

    It's best to get an air purifier that uses both filter types in order to remove the most amount of contaminants.

  2. And you can always double up with plants like Snake plants (pretty easy to tend to) and others that are said to cleanse the air. Provided as they mentioned you don't already have complications that should help keep your house cleaner. Oh and open windows when you can unless your in very dense city or the air isn't usually good.

  3. Great way to show consumers how you test the devices. The actual report on consumer reports shows which ones performed the best.

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