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How Do I Get Google Reviews For My Small Business? – Free And Legit


This is how to get google reviews for my business. It’s worked great for me and it will work great for you too!

This channel is dedicated to my journey running an event rental, photo booth and bartending business starting from the beginning in my garage (see how far I’ve come along from the beginning so far). Ill show you tips along the way! Watch me grow subscribe and comment often!

Here are some of my popular sets of videos:
1.Bartending How To Videos

2. DIY Photo Booth Builds

3. Once You Make The DIY Photo Booth Learn How To Market Them
Photo Booth Business How To (Weekly Videos)

4. Everything Tents

5. Event Business Startup Ideas. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2l82UIUA2VpVk46W12SsHKBGflXdHWJp

Check out 2 guys that inspired me to create this channel they started out as my mentors and now they are my friends: (go give their channels some love and learn from their videos)

1. Gorothbalion: (check out his photo booth inspired by my white photo booth build design)

2. Tent Guy And Other Entrepreneur Stuff:

Common Question I receive:

Q: How do you take bookings?
A: I am a Check Cherry photo booth booking software user and a Booqable software user. (They’re my secret weapons for taking bookings)

For photo booths, DJ’s and photographers I recommend checking out 🍒 Check Cherry 🍒 .

Here’s my video review of 🍒 Check Cherry 🍒

If you’re thinking about signing up to Check Cherry click here for $50 in extra credits. The credits are automatically deducted before your card is charged after the initial free trial.

For Rentals I recommend: Booqable (Rental Company Booking Software): https://booqable.com/
This is what I use to automate my rental bookings track my inventory, take credit card payments and more. I barley have to do customer quotes anymore. Bookings literally come in while I sleep at night!

Here’s my video review of Booqable:

Buy Photo Booth Stuff:
Buy the monolight strobe (Photo Booth Flash; Neewer S300N) that i use on my white booths here:
Buy the photo booth backdrop stand I use:
Buy my most popular photo photo booth backdrop: 7.5ftx7ft champagne and white chevron sequin backdrop:


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Category NORMALLY: How to & Style/Education with a small dash of light hearted comedy!

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