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How I Created My First eBook


You know, I remember creating my first ebook. All kinds of doubts and questions were running through my head. Was I doing it right? Would people read it? Was it long enough? Did it give too little information? Well, that was then, and this is now. Now I can tell you exactly what I did to create my very first ebook, and you can do it too!

1. I came up with a topic

Usually the first step to writing your first eBook is figuring out what to write about. I wanted to write on something that I knew, that I liked, and that I cared about. Oh yeah, I wanted to write something that people were interested in too.

2. I brainstormed

What this means is that I thought about my topic, and I wrote down everything that came to my mind. I did not care if it was good or bad or just plain stupid, I wrote it down. You can always decide not to use something, but you usually can not remember what you forget!

3. I created an outline

After I had all of my ideas written down, I chose the ones I wanted to use. Then I arranged them in a logical order so I could make sense of them. I came up with main points, sub points, and smaller ideas to fit into those points.

4. I began writing

All that was left was for me to begin writing. And, you know, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I had already done much of the mental work with my brainstorming and outlining. Now I just had to take the time to write my thoughts down.

5. I did not stop until I was done

But then I got tired and a little discouraged. Those doubts started coming in my head again. But I knew if I stopped, I would probably not start again. Now I do not mean I stayed up all night. In fact, my first eBook took me about 3 days to write working 6 hours a day. But I did not take a day off until I was done. It was the only way to complete my first ebook!

By Christopher M. Hall

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