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How to Add Google Reviews to HTML website (2020)


Add Google Reviews to HTML website in about 2 minutes – https://elfsight.com/google-reviews-widget/?utm_source=websites&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=widget-platform-videos&utm_content=google-reviews-html&utm_term=description-1#demo
Free, no coding, easy, fast.

Elfsight widget advantages:
• Improve customer trust with the help of showing real clients’ reviews including detailed information about the author
• Raise sales boasting about your high rating and client happiness
• Draw new reviews with call-to-action button and link to your Google account

How to embed Google Reviews to HTML website?

To reveal the reviews on your website, take these 3 fast actions
1) Generate and configure the widget;
2) Save your code from the notification;
3) Display the saved code on the site.

Get more information about adding HTML Google Reviews here – https://elfsight.com/google-reviews-widget/html/?utm_source=websites&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=widget-platform-videos&utm_content=google-reviews-html&utm_term=description-2

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  1. We hope this video will help you embed Google Reviews widget in your HTML website. If you still have questions left, ask away in the comments, and we'll be happy to answer!

  2. I really don't understand the negative comments here; it seems these people were watching a different video to me. I found the video to be clear, informative and useful, as is the Elfsight website. I am about to email former clients to ask them to leave a Google review of our business and, when I have those reviews, I shall definitely try Elfsight Lite to see if, and how, the widget works. It looks like it is exactly what I need.

  3. I didn't like the whole extra elements showing on top and the bottom advertising their company, if you going give someone something for free such as Lite , then honor it the right way, other then this the widget is very nice.

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