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How to Add Reviews of Places on Google Maps


By adding reviews on Google Maps, Local Guides help people discover great places to go. Watch to learn how to write and share your own reviews.

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  1. Gostei 👍
    Mais tem pessoas que copiou minha Página Google e YouTube
    Não consigo fazer verificação, e até respondem por mim .

  2. Pessoal, como vocês traduziram o vídeo, vocês sabem inglês ou usaram algum app? Do que se trata o vídeo ? Tenho que estudar inglês!

  3. How to get Google Guide T-Shirt? I wanna explore the world with that T-Shirt and review many place and take some picture of it.

  4. I've posted a couple of times on your local guides connect about this issue they said it's some bug and it will get fixed but it didn't. So this is my last attempt for retrieval.
    It started a month ago around ending of feb.. first my level was demoted from 7to 6.. then my points were deducted.. then completely my badges and levels vanished.. then if I am adding anything now, no points are being credited.. my local guides account has been suspended.. will attach some pictures for proof.. help me pls!!! Whom to reach and how??

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