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How-To Art Book by Sherri Carden Is Perfect for Beginners – Best Underwater Painting Book Ever!


I was extremely happy with the recent e-book I purchased from Kindle entitled, “How to paint an underwater scene” by Sherri Carden. I have always wanted to learn to paint, but have never had the time or money to actually take lessons.

This book was easy to follow and was nicely designed. I liked that it didn’t have too many extraneous instructions or a huge amount of rules to follow. What I found to be most helpful was the ease of use of this book. I also liked that there was professionalism as well as creativity in it’s approach.

I have always found the sea fascinating, my entire life. The ocean creatures, seaweed, shells and water have always been a challenge for me. So when I first purchased this book, it was with the hope that I would be able to create a painting. I was able to utilize the instructions and information in such a way that I could create my own versions of the underwater scene. I loved that there was instructions on painting a mermaid as well, as I have always had an affinity for these creatures of the sea.

I loved experimenting with acrylic paints, as I have never used them before. I had always been afraid to use them, and had only dabbled once or twice with watercolors. However, since the instructions were easy to follow, I had no problem grasping the concept of working with acrylic paints. It was so much fun, and I will use these techniques in the future to create other works of art.

This book enabled me to experience my own creativity, and explore my skills as an artist. It is an experience I would not have had if I hadn’t purchased this book. I learned how to work with the medium, paint over my mistakes and play a little with the paint. It was a first for me.

Because of the easy to follow instructions, it was no problem to create my first canvas painting! I have even created several pieces to share with family and friends for the holidays. I am thrilled. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to create an amazing painting in a very short time.

I hope this review will be helpful for other readers so that they too can enjoy the creative process, and explore their own “inner artist.”

By Annette Meyers

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