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How To Get 5 Star Google Reviews


Want to know How To Get 5 Star Google Reviews ?
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Google Reviews allow your potential clients to get real feedback about your law firm as well as help give them the peace of mind and confidence that you’re the right law firm to call regarding their legal concerns.

Approximately 83% of people check Google Reviews as the first step to finding an attorney.

70% of clients are willing to go to an attorney’s office in a less convenient location if that attorney has better reviews and higher ratings than legal professionals who are closer to home.

In a 2015 survey done by Bright Local with 2,354 participants (90% from the U.S) from the Local Consumer Panel, it was found that 92% read online reviews to determine whether a local business is a good business.

73% of consumers formed an opinion by the time they have read 6 or more reviews.

60% of consumers pay the most attention to Google’s Star Rating.

In a 2013 survey of 1,046 individuals conducted by Zendesk determined that positive reviews impacted 90% of the participant’s buying decisions.

So How Can You Get More Google Reviews From Your Clients?

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