Home Book Review How to get Amazon reviews (6 proven strategies)

How to get Amazon reviews (6 proven strategies)


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Here are 6 ways to get more product reviews on Amazon.

00:00 – Intro
01:16 – Friends & Family
02:00 – Facebook
03:55 – Forums
06:20 – Review Services
07:20 – Email List
08:22 – Customer Service

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Get Amazon sales. Reviews, too: https://belowcost.club/

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  1. Hi Patrick I'm in the process of selecting a manufacturer for a product I'm quite impressed by this video how do I get hold of the service ur company provides how much do u charge

  2. New Seller Question- Is there any advantage to getting "X" amount of reviews for an item merchant Fulfilled -to help the buy box time-with FBA selling a different product. I suppose the simpler question is; if as a seller more reviews on any product assist the sales of all listed products & categories on Amazon like Ebay?

  3. Specifically, as a new seller(I have only been a seller for about 3 weeks at Amazon-although I am a long time dealer in metal detectors) I am using FBA to sell Metal Detectors.Because as of this writing I only have 1 feedback I get little Buy Box time and very limited FBA storage. I am curious if I MF some New books I have AND if I get feedback on the books will Amazon rank me higher as a seller and give me more buy box time- in Metal Detectors –because likely I can generate more possible feedback faster in the book category.

    My whole goal is to gain more time in the Detector buy box. I realize if I somehow could sell a thousand Detectors real fast the feedback in that product would take care of itself, but at hundreds of dollars a detector they do not sell enough to gather Feedback very fast. Thanks for your time and speedy answers.

  4. great tutorial, thank you. My question is on reddit. IS this relates to Amazon, or completely different site? How can I get additional information/tutorial on this topic?

  5. Hey man, great video – with the email list should it be it be for a specific niche/product of can it be a broad amount of different niches/products?

  6. How would they know its your family & friends reviewing your product?

    Cant see how youd get in trouble for that

  7. Would be interested in tips for driving traffic to a shopify store….do these tips apply to shopify?

  8. Hi can you give me a bloggers site in US that can make a review for our newest amazon product, we would probably give it for free to let us know what they think of it and People will do reviews for the product:) thanks

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