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How To Get Amazon Reviews For Your Physical Product (AMZ Tracker Review Club)


How To Get Amazon Reviews With AMZ Tracker:

Need more Amazon reviews for your physical product?

If you’re a seller on Amazon, then you know the importance of getting quality reviews for your product.

You can have the greatest product in the world, but if it’s not ranked highly on Amazon and doesn’t have customer reviews, then nobody will be able to find it and purchase it.

Often times, your competition can have a worse product than you, but be getting more sales just because they have more reviews and market their product more effectively!

Getting reviews for your product on Amazon isn’t something that you can just passively wait to happen. You need to be proactive and give your product a boost right when you launch it, to help give it some momentum on Amazon and to organically start getting sales.

One of the best softwares and websites I’ve come across to help get Amazon reviews for my products has been AMZ Tracker, specifically the AMZ Tracker Review Club.

AMZ Tracker has a lot of cool features that can help you with your Amazon products, such as optimizing your product listing, tracking keywords, coming up with additional keywords, etc… however I’ve found the AMZ Tracker Review Club to be one of the most beneficial resources.

Learn how to get Amazon reviews with AMZ Tracker:


How To Get Amazon Reviews For Your Physical Product (AMZ Tracker Review Club)




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  1. Stefan thanks so much for this! Question, how do you know if the person redeems the voucher you sent?

  2. thanks, I have a question, let's say someone has 100 friends and gives them the product the first week he launches and they all review the product for him the first week, will amazon remove those 100 reviews because they are not organic ?

  3. Which plan do you use at AMZ Tracker? They have three different plans starting from USD50.00/month. Thanks.

  4. What if the users do not provide review, after getting the product for a reduced price?

  5. Hi Stefan, you mention in the video that you have given away 25 products. I wanted to know in what period time did you accumulate those sales, and does it also apply to supply/demand?

  6. Hi Stefan, I think you forgot to tick the box (Claim Code). Because if it is not ticked then you can`t see a tab "Manage claim codes", and you can not create other codes.

  7. This video should be more promoted, it really is usefull info….especially if you are a startup.

  8. Does Amazon flag those who give away product on a discount for reviews? I'm just starting out selling iPhone 6 cases designed by our Industrial Designer. Our product is good but we are going into a saturated market. Will Amazon flag those reviews from AMZreview?

  9. Great video thank you Stefan! Do you know the best way to get reviews in EU marketplaces like Germany if you dont live there? Massive thanks for the consistent motivation and inspirational energy you share in your videos 🙂

  10. Hey Stephen, I can't even begin to tell you how helpful your Amazon videos have been to me! I have a question – are these people leaving VERIFIED reviews on amazon? I've been told that having verified reviews is better than having unverified reviews. Thank you!

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