Home Book Review HOW TO GET BOOK REVIEWS On Amazon Even If You Have No Following | Free Publishing Course | Video #10

HOW TO GET BOOK REVIEWS On Amazon Even If You Have No Following | Free Publishing Course | Video #10


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We are finally talking about how to get book reviews if you have no following or an email list.

One of the best ways to get reviews long-term is to build an ARC (advanced review copy) team. You can collect email addresses through your books, then ask the people in your email list if they want to sign up to your ARC team. This can be automated and very easy to set up, and is very effective. This is what I do.

But what if this is the first book that you’re publishing? You don’t have an existing email list or a following. How can you get reviews for your book on Amazon? Well in this video I will show you how.

By far the easiest way, and the free way is to simply join relevant facebook groups related to your niche. Engage with them and ask them if they want a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. If you joined a group that specifically consists of people who are interested in your book topic, this should be very easy to do. And the best part is, there are virtually unlimited FB groups that you can join!

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  1. Hi Sean, Thanks for the video. Three questions:

    1 – Do you join the FB groups yourself, do all the engaging, deliver the book to each person, and follow up with each person? Or do you have a VA do all that?

    2 – Do you ask for permission from the admin’s in each group first before creating a post about your free book for anyone who is interested in getting the ARC?

    3 – How long are you actually in the group engaging before you post the free book/ARC?

  2. FB groups work very well! You can also create a form for reviews with 4/5 points to help the reader on creating the perfect review, a kind of little template to guide reviewers( more easy for them writing reviews, more easy for us to get them)

  3. Hi Sean, do you use your personal Facebook account when joining these groups? How are people's reaction like if they see from your facebook profile/timeline that you're part of many other groups as well, and giving away these free books in many other niches? Also they may be able to see that you're a marketer too, if you join such groups. Will it diminish your credibility?

  4. Hey Sean, One more question….how many FB groups do you typically post in for one book when giving out ARC's?

  5. Hey Sean first I wanna thank you for the high value you always giving us! I want to ask your opinion about the fact Amazon is deleting lots of reviews due the flag season. There is something we can do about that? Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Sean! I've been trying to use your method but most of the groups of my current niche have restrictions with promotions. There are disclaimers saying to not promote and ask personal information to the members of the group. What would you suggest? Thank you

  7. I got reviews organically for my book using next level ninjas. I highly recommend them 🙂 Also, great video

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