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How to get more book reviews and find book reviewers on Amazon


Getting book reviews feels like hard work, but here’s a secret: nobody else is going to do the work for you. ALSO, there are lots of people who like to read books. You just have to find them and offer them a free copy of yours. Don’t feel bad for offering somebody free stuff. The trick is you need to ask a lot of reviewers to get a few to say yes, so it’s a numbers game. But you can increase the changes by being professional, having an amazing book cover, have a handful of other reviews already, and having a nice authors website. You can FURTHER increase your chances if you’re also doing something really cool, that’s part of your author story or platform, or something special that will appeal to reviewers and their readers. Book reviewers want good content that their readers like so they can get more traffic. Find out how to make that happen. Make them a better offer than other authors are.

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  1. Hey Derek, The risk to doing this is that that link you copied does contain a unique identifier for your Amazon profile and could result in anyone else using it being flagged by the amazon system.

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