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How to Get Reviews


In today’s Make Your Mark Monday episode John Broadbent discusses the most important factor for local SEO – how to get reviews. This video highlights some very important do’s and dont’s when looking for good ways to get great reviews.

Here are some of the don’ts:
– Don’t write reviews yourself. Search engines are looking for an organic (natural) accumulation of good reviews. When you write a lot of reviews yourself, they know it’s all coming from the same IP address. So don’t do it! It will hurt you much more than it will help you.
– Don’t hire a review company. In most cases, review companies record reviews from the same IP address. Even if they are collecting genuine reviews from your customers and “digitizing” them for you, search engines can tell that they are coming from the same IP address. Another thing to consider is how natural a specific user’s reviews look. Do real reviewers give every business they review 5 stars? Heck no! Review boosting companies usually hurt businesses.
– Don’t let your customers review you on your internet connection. Again, this comes down to your IP address. Encourage your customers to review you from their smartphone or other device with a mobile internet connection. If that doesn’t work, ask them to review you later, when they get home.

Here are a few of the do’s:
– Pay attention to the customer experience of your business. Just as user experience is very important to your website’s effectiveness, your customer experience is important to your reviews. Take some time to improve how your customers experience your business.
– Solicit good reviews. Ask your customers for reviews. Don’t ask all you customers to review you online. Just ask the customers that you think had a good experience. It’s okay to get a few 3- and 4-star reviews.
– Focus on multiple review sites. Although Google seems to have de-emphasized 3rd-party reviews, they appear to still hold some weight. Don’t just get reviews on Google. Invest some time in other review sites (especially those popular to your industry).
– Respond to your reviews. Thank people for telling you about good experiences, and address problems that are brought up in negative reviews. Be careful in responding to negative reviews. Speak directly to the reviews, but recognize that you are doing so in a public forum. Apologize for their bad experience with your business and discredit them through tact, good writing, and graciousness.

These things will help you establish a solid brand online. They will help you get more and better reviews.

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