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How To Learn Hindi: Tips For Staying Motivated


Learning a language takes a lot of work over a long period of time, and your efforts in how to learn Hindi probably won’t be any different.  You might start your Hindi course with a lot of enthusiasm, but keeping your momentum over time takes work.  Here are some tips for you to keep yourself motivated in your efforts how to learn Hindi.

Start by thinking that you can do it. You learned English.  And you learned to read and write the Roman alphabet, starting from a time when the letters just looked like marks on a page.  You may speak other languages, too, and you may have learned other alphabets.  Each language that you learned opened doors to communication with people and to learning that would be impossible otherwise.  You can succeed in your Hindi course, too, and have the same reward of unique communication and learning.

Take the “slow but steady” approach. Don’t try to learn too much in one sitting, or one day, or one week.  Break your learning plan into smaller, easily doable chunks.  Don’t forget to review frequently.  You will accomplish much more lasting learning that way.  And you won’t be overwhelmed by a long stretch of study or a long list of items to master.  The best way how to learn Hindi is to give yourself a regular schedule, including homework.  Plan to study Hindi at a regular time, such as for an hour after dinner.  Then, later, do your self-assigned “homework.”  For example, you could use fifteen minutes of your lunch break the next day to review the new skills you studied the night before.  Look over the grammar and vocabulary lessons that you have already studied, quiz yourself on your verb conjugations or practice your writing skills.

Think outside the classroom box. One of the best things about studying languages is that you get to read and understand media that you wouldn’t otherwise.  For example, you will be able to read and understand Hindi newspapers online, or enjoy a Bollywood movie.  Although you need to pay attention to your Hindi course materials, don’t limit yourself to them.  Embrace Hindi language materials online, on screen or by podcast, or in any other way that you can find them.  Seek out Hindi-speaking friends and have conversations with them that you can only have because you are learning their language.  What a great way how to learn Hindi!

Set short-term and intermediate goals. You have set the admirable long-term goal of completing a Hindi course.  But don’t forget to set shorter-term goals, too.  For one thing, you will meet them faster.  For another thing, you will be able to recognize the accomplishments that you have made, and that will motivate you to work toward the next goal.

Reward yourself for reaching your goals. Give yourself a treat for reaching all your goals, including the small, short-term ones.  Enjoy a Hindi movie or video, invite your friends over for an Indian meal or take yourself out to an Indian restaurant. 

Of course, the best reward for tackling your Hindi course is that, when you are done, you will be able to speak Hindi.  So, in addition to setting your short-term goals, keep that over-arching goal in mind.  You are working at how to learn Hindi.   What an adventure that is!

By Fran Madden

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