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How To Make $100 A Day & Get Paid To Write Reviews (5 Actionable Tips)


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A question I get asked most often is How Do I Get Paid To Write Reviews? In today’s video, I break down how to structure the PERFECT review of an item using Affiliate Marketing.

So if you want to learn how o write a good product review, this is the video for you. I break down 5 tips including 1 MAJOR BONUS tip that not many people think about when they are writing reviews on their websites.

Now what I teach here is how to write your own reviews and keep them on your own website, not necessarily how to write reviews on Amazon pages and such, This is what you should do to get paid to write online REAL MONEY! Not the few dollars that most places offer you.

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Chris Myles shares how to make the most of a Wealthy Affiliate Membership. The starter membership can only take you so far, you have to make the leap to Premium. Once you have taken the leap, you will see your money increase online FAST!
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  2. Chris, I had a very bad experience with WA. There was this person who made a mistake and was being publicly scolded by another member. I jumped in to stand up for this person saying how this is not the right way to treat another member. The next thing I know, my writing was revoked. I couldn't even defend my own position. I quit WA. I will never join them again. There has to be another way.

  3. Hi Chris I went back in time lol for this FABULOUS AND INFORMATIVE VIDEO CHECKLIST😊 headin to your .com for the rest So Before I go to play with the Big Boys I needed this info plus more (there's more to prep It's all just a little overwhelming NOT you or your channel No I mean THE WHOLE ONLINE THING AND Wow just Wow overwhelming) and you have it ALL Together❣You are AWESOME👑 Thank you for sharing😊
    Your Friend
    Lauren Renee⚘

  4. Chris, I really like the idea of writing reviews on products but it looks to be very expensive. Do you have any tips on writing quality reviews when you personally have not purchased the product? I guess I'm thinking of a comment that you hear when looking into affiliate marketing about "becoming and expert on anything." Without buying all of these products that you want to write a review on, it is going to be difficult to stay honest with good quality. I think I am missing something. Hope you can help.

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