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How To Prevent Cold Sores


If there's one thing that cold sufferers can agree on, it's that they're mighty annoying! Many people do not even want to leave the house when they have one – it's easy to become self-conscious about your appearance when you do. The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to heal your cold sores quickly and prevent new ones from forming.

As is the case with many illnesses or ailments, it's a lot easier to get outbreaks when your body is worn down or under a lot of stress. If you are under a great deal of stress or have not been living as healthy of a lifestyle as usual, it's a lot more likely that you will see a cold sore pop up.

Obviously you can not just automatically turn stress off! There are times when you are going to be in that situation, however there's plenty more you can do to prevent cold sores. Here are some simple tips to make sure your skin stays clear of them.

1) Get Your Rest! – Your body needs a good sleep to stay in tip-top shape, and there has been plenty of studies that have shown that cold sores are much more likely to appear on someone who is missing sleep. There are going to be days when you do not get as much sleep as you might like – that's perfectly fine. Just try to have a regular sleep pattern and get the proper amount of zzz's you need each night.

2) Make sure you wash your hands frequently – Studies have also shown that there are certain types of bacteria that can lead to cold sores. The most common place to find this bacteria is on your hands – obviously you do not want to be transferring this bacteria when you touch your face! Simple solution – wash your hands often.

3) Keep your lips moisturized – This can be a huge help in preventing cold sores. You want to keep your lips well moisturized throughout the day. Try to always have lip balm or chapstick on hand and apply it regularly. It will make a big difference.

4) Wear sunblock around you lips when the sun's out – UV rays have been shown to be a contributing factor in the formation of cold sores, so you will want to wear a sunblock so that your lips are not exposed to them in the summer Time.

These tips may seem incredibly simple, but when you use them together they will not only make a huge difference in how long your cold sores take to heal, but they will drastically cut down on the number of cold sores that you get.

By Here Mulligan

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