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How To: Publish a Fantastic Evaluate


When it arrives to dining out, everybody has an feeling, but what seriously would make a good restaurant assessment? Allow a Zagat editor present you how to do your feeling justice in a few uncomplicated methods. For far more video clips, subscribe to Zagat’s movie channel:


  1. She is super charismatic. I really enjoyed the tips she presented. Very cute and funny sketch.

  2. WOWWW!!! Whoever this host is I would love to see more of her, she is gorgeoussss.  As an avid food blogger these helpful tips can help any amateur blogger improve their posts. I hope ZAGAT will share more videos in the future.

  3. This is amazing! The hostess is very talented and funny. AND she gave great tips on how to write a good review. Nice work!

  4. What a great, humorous, enjoyable clip.  The host is GREAT! Given the number of amateur foodies floating around the internet these days, these are very helpful tips. Nice work.

  5. Anyone have tips for a beginner? I'm more of a feature/profile/sports kind of journalist, but got an opportunity to write for a food news/feature site. My first assignment is a restaurant review.

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