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How to Punish a Gentleman in Chastity


Many adult males who beg for male chastity prove recalcitrant and — in quick — behave badly just so they will get ‘punishment’. So, the question is…

How to punish a man in chastity?

Immediately after all, what can you do to him? Because…

  1. If you tell him he is acquired to wait lengthier… then you happen to be providing him much more of what he needs.
  2. If you enable him orgasm… then you happen to be providing him what he needs in the instant, even if afterwards he’ll be disappointed. But let us experience it – it can be not definitely a lot of a punishment, is it?
  3. If you happen to be in a femdom marriage you can cane him or give him some other punishment… but then you happen to be once much more providing him much more of what he needs.

So, what can you do?

Nicely the great news is, there are a pair of matters you can do, all based on how annoyed you get with him. Equally are a thing he is definitely not heading to like, but 1 is a bit much more drastic than the other and it can be a thing I’d endorse only in the extreme.

Punishment #one

Let us get the extreme and minimum-exciting 1 out of the way initially. It can be simply this: give him the vital again and refuse to perform the sport. In other words, deal with him just like you would a child by withdrawing your consideration from him. I ensure this will provide him into line extremely immediately. If he is in chastity then the considered of becoming allowed no cost and just still left no cost will prevent him dead in his tracks.

But mainly because it can be quite an ‘unfriendly’ detail to do, I’d definitely do this only if it actually went beyond the pale and he simply would not behave. I don’t count on my partner to be at my beck and get in touch with given that we’re not in a feminine led marriage, despite the fact that we do practice stringent male chastity, but I do count on him to recognise and regard the effort it normally takes for me to retain him less than lock and vital and satisfied with it!

Punishment #two

This is the killer – and I can ensure when you read what it is, you would not believe it can be punishment at all. Until you try it on him and see how he reacts. Then you may possibly just believe once again.

It can be simply this: give him a ruined orgasm.

It can be easy: you just make absolutely sure his fingers are restrained so he cannot touch himself and then you deal with him to a small, sensuous and deliciously torturous tease and denial session. Only this time you happen to be heading to enable him orgasm… BUT the prompt he commences to orgasm, with the extremely initially spasm, you enable go of his penis and give him NO even further stimulation in any way.

He will buck and moan and groan and beg, but you ought to NOT touch him.

Now, this is 1 of the worst matters that can take place to a man, mainly because although he gets the post-orgasm letdown, there is NONE of the satisfaction usually linked with an orgasm. He’ll be devastated, I assure.

I know this from expertise – mainly because my partner, John, at times has to experience ruined orgasms and he gets only 1 good 1 a 12 months.

Now, if you happen to be unwell and drained of the buzz and nonsense you read on the ‘net about male chastity and orgasm denial, and you happen to be definitely hunting for risk-free, sane and realistic advice and information and facts, then it can make perception to get it from a real 24/seven pair who are living the way of living for actual, would not it?

By Sarah Jameson