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How to Rank Higher on Google Maps and Local Business



This video shares the #1 way to rank your Google local business listing higher on Google without having to spend money. Synonymously referred to as Google Maps, Google Places, and Google My Business, scaling to the top (with the most social proof) means that you’ll reap the lions share of new clients / customers searching. This works every time and can add hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue to your business each year.

Also, this is the video tutorial that was referenced in the video about how to get on the phone with the Google local business dept.


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  1. I,ve contached with google local business and received acknowlegment email. Thank you Mathew for valuable tips. It is working.. ?

  2. Thanks for the Energetic update video you got into the steps that I must do IT ,,I got the recharge co-creation shift!!!

  3. These are all great tips but the Google maps ranking Algorithm has changed to a blended Algorithm where your maps wont rank in med / high competitive areas unless your website is ranking for your maps keywords (even if fully optimized, verified, a ton of reviews, meta tag data with geo location/keywords data etc) You now need to get your website URL ranked (for maps keywords) in order to get in the new "3pack"

    You will notice now that "Most" maps rankings will also have the associated website also ranked on the first page ie "Blended Algorithm"

    Thanks for the share

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