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How to Rank Your Book Higher on Amazon in 2019 (Amazon SEO Guide)


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To succeed in self-publishing, understanding Amazon’s inner workings is KEY. Knowing how Amazon’s algorithm works will allow you to figure out how to position your book for success.

First off, how product discovery happens on Amazon:
1) Search – the biggest and most important discovery chanel one
2) Categories, related products, email marketing from Amazo

Part 1 – theory: The Search Algorithm Factors
– Keyword Relevance
– Sales velocity
– Reviews
– User-page interaction

Part 2 – practice: Actionable Steps – areas where to put your focus to increase
1) Keyword Optimisation – Title & Subtitle, Metadata, Description
If done right, you will increase your chances to get your book shows for the most popular keyword search terms.

2) Reviews – rating & quantity
Big factor in Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Also important as “social proof” for your potential customers. Many good reviews will boost conversion rate.

3) Great cover and title
Creat cover and title will boost your clickthrough rate (CTR) as well as conversion rate.

4) Good description
A great description will increase user time on page as well as conversion rate.

5) Fantastic book
An obvious point, but a fantastic book will take care of all the points 🙂

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