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How to Remove Facebook Reviews and Star Ratings 2016


A clients whose Facebook business page is continually being spammed with 1 star ratings. This video shows how to remove the reviews and ratings from a Facebook business page.
1. go to the About Page
2. Go to the Page Info Tab
3. Change the category from the present one, i.e. Local Business to Website/Blog
4. Save settings
The ratings/review box will be removed from the Page.
This removes all ratings so the good with the bad are gone.

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  1. Perfect solution. Can use Facebook obtain clients and advertise and then push to a more direct form of contact. Also if you leave the wall as user can write to it, they will review there. Any problems you just ban or delete 👌🏻 some people are complete idiots, and Facebook while taking money for ads don't do sweet FA about it 😰

  2. Great! For more customization option on the about page, we can change the Category to Brands & Products: Website
    That would give an option to insert subcategories like this: http://prntscr.com/bfbcay

    It you want subcategories option and if it is not appearing then you have to put address in the address bar. The subcategory option will then appear, then you can put tags on the subcategories and save changes and if you dont want the address, you can remove the address after then and save changes. 🙂

  3. you can also go to general in the settings and under reviews in general there's an box that says allow users to view and make reviews and there is one that says dont allow users to view and make reviews

  4. Thanks a bunch! I just had the same problem when all of my reviews were 5 stars. Random people found my page and were giving me one stars and leaving no review which doesn't allow you to actually report the review.

  5. Hey Todd, does this effect the star ratings on the Google engine search? I know a local business getting spammed by trolls and now when you search the company on Google local business they have a 2.5 star rating. We have disabled the Facebook page for now.

  6. Hi guys, i would like to point out even though you remove your reviews right on google you reviews will show up as a 1 star rating. What is the way around it? well simple if you don't want to lose your page and start over again then put as much as 5 star ratings you can on it.. you wondering how? then go to SMGains. COMThey sell facebook ratings services so everyone best of luck and you can thank me later 🙂

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