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How To Remove Fake Reviews From Google


How To Remove Fake Reviews From Google
1. Address The Fake Review
2. Flag the review
3. Contact Google About The Fake Review Via Phone
4. Legal Removal Request

Here’s how we did it. Visit the link to see how they were finally removed https://stewartmedia.biz/how-to-remove-fake-reviews-from-google/

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  1. Great video Jim. I had a similar issue with one of my clients. They are a car dealer with a number of branches around the country. Some person decided to copy and paste a bad review to all dealers my business pages. I phoned google and they removed all the reviews. I was expecting them to remove all but one, which was the legitimate review. So Google do listen and take action in some cases.

  2. ya, hey I gave a legit review to the restaurant that let me and my co- worker Go, because sales were low and they could not afford to pay us.. Instead of being honest and saying. look we are sorry but our sales are low and we can not afford to keep you guys employed, honest, and say but we will however give you each a reference , thankyou.. No , they said oh you both are crappy cooks, which is why hundreds of satisfied customers totally raved about par excellence breakfast fare, come off it!! They had to strike below the belt, into the intrinsent factor, your livelihood.. Not to mention others have posted tons of negative comments on how these buisness owners make their employees sign a friggin waiver essentially allowing these reptiles the right to terminate a person's employment for absolutely nooooo reason at all.. I was angry and I just commented on these owners dishonesty and their integrity. While I was there I saw alot of people get canned from le cordon bleu pastry chef, dishwashers, chef, servers..

  3. how do you remove or filter fake positive reviews on Google play for game apps? certain game has obvious fake thousands of 5 star reviews that are gibberish or simply 5 stars and no comments obvious by a PR company or fake accounts. Google play doesn't seem to have a report option or care to remove fake reviews if they be positive or negative.

  4. Hi Jim. Thank you for this helpful video! Are you willing to help business owners who are stumbling with this process?

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