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How To Sell More Books – The Best Techniques For Book Promotion


Smart marketing and book promotion techniques could be your key to selling more books. As an author, your job does not end after you write the last word of the final chapter in your book. The real journey to success starts after that and greatly depends on how skillfully you promote your book! Book launches are a good beginning, but their scope is limited to getting your book out and into the nearby book stores. There are a number of other channels you can use to successfully create a marketing campaign for your book that is focused not only on attracting new readers, but also keeping them.

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Here are some of the best techniques you could use for running successful book marketing campaigns:

Get all the material ready

To begin with, make sure that you prepare all the marketing content including the designs, content and graphics. It is important that you create all these with designs that look consistent with the idea of your book. Your entire marketing campaign should have artwork or banners etc. that effectively capture the reader’s attention to the subject matter of the book. The key is to not personalize it too much and ensure that it does not reveal too much about the plot. All your marketing efforts should have just enough information to create intrigue and attract the attention of potential readers. Rocking out the pre-ordersSimilar to Amazon, the pre-orders feature is a cool way to let the initial lot of customers to feel special. Pre-orders could be beneficial especially if you work out a great pre-order price for your potential customers. The good part is that, the initial reviews that you get from those readers who read your book by pre-ordering, gives a great boost to your sales later.


Reviews have the power to influence the minds of readers. Rather than listening to the author telling you how great the book is, readers feel more convinced when they see that there are many readers recommending it too. So, gathering great reviews for your book is a great way to promote it.

Pricing strategy

Pricing your books right is the key to success. This definitely does not mean that you sell cheap. It only means that you will need to do some research before you actually decide the price. You could take help of a professional book marketing company to decide this, or research similar books in your genre. Finalize the price only after thoroughly understanding its value from a reader’s perspective. Publishing houses and agents can provide you with accurate advice on how to price your book. Also understand that customers generally do not spend the same amount on eBooks as they would on print copies of the book. So, think about whether you are providing your readers with a soft version of your book or would like to keep just the print copy or both. It will give your marketing campaigns a better direction.

Events and exhibitions

Events such as exhibitions are a great way to market your books. These events gather large crowds of readers. They are places where your potential readers are! Do some research and look for local events or international book exhibitions that invite authors, publishers and agents to showcase their book. It could be a great platform to display your book to a targeted audience – if you carefully select the event.

Time and coordinate promotions

Finally timing is everything. Your book promotion campaigns and all the other activities that go along with it should be perfectly timed. This essentially means that you cannot launch a book and then sit in silence for a long period of time. Your guest blog post, the pre-order price promotions, author interviews and the free giveaways should be timed such that they appropriately showcase your book via various channels. Being ‘everywhere’ – especially where your readers are looking, will strengthen your chances of greater sales.

There are a number of choices these days. However, you need to create a solid strategy to see what will work for your book and what will not. Authors who launch their book with no framework in mind and have no idea of what to do next, will find it very difficult to promote their books successfully. Well, your plan need not be very complex. Your marketing strategies need to be simple and highly focused on the type of book you are promoting.

The most important part of a campaign is that it should effectively match the reader’s expectations and the promise of what your book delivers to what your book actually is!

By Jessica Theriault

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