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How to Structure Your Critique


Writing a critique can enhance your way of expressing you own opinion. Furthermore, it lets you have your feelings about a certain idea or any objects and make it more realistic. Thus, this will surely help a lot of people to believe deeply in what they are going to write or when it comes into writing.

A critique is written in an essay form which is designed to evaluate any books, movies or writings from a creative work of others. It’s way different from criticism as we have heard the later word. That’s because it doesn’t require any negative or strict reviews telling the readers whether or not the topic is worth watching or reading. But, it serves as to analyze the subject with an effort that reveals the overall meaning or the purpose of any reading materials or movies.

It is not easy to write critique essays as what you might think. It requires a lot of experience and trainings in order for you to be proficient enough to write about it and most importantly, it requires your ability to observe.

Writing a critique about another writer’s work is somewhat frightening especially when it’s your first time to write one. But then, there are some guidelines for you to follow and can help you write through it. This will aid you to some helpful reviews, avoid any common consequences in your own writing.

Writing critiques is an integral part of writing essays and reviews, offering an intelligent and balanced discussion of a subject’s wide and varied characteristics. More often than not, it serves as the meat of the piece, the part that contains a subject’s general dissection as well as the arguments and reasoning behind any conclusion.

More than just containing sound and poignant analysis, the way you structure your critique can do a lot as to how it is eventually received. Even the most intelligently-constructed breakdowns, after all, will suffer when it isn’t presented in a compelling manner.
Here are some great ideas to use for presenting your critique:

Start with the most important conclusions down to the least relevant. This will ensure that your main points are processed by the reader first, making them more memorable.

Always base your critiques on a set of specific criteria. This will help simplify the whole process, apart from making it easier to digest.

Positive and negative critiques. Almost every critique will have positive and negative sections. For negatively-slanted pieces, always begin with the good points first. For positively-slanted ones, start with the negatives first. It can help balance things out.

One paragraph for each criteria. For longer reviews, use one paragraph for each set of criteria you tackle. In shorter pieces, you can separate the text into positive and negative paragraphs.

Use your writing software for help. Your writing software will be able to provide a good amount of help in the way you compose your critique. From correcting poorly-constructed sentences to strengthening your overall statements, you could be surprised by the amount of benefits it can facilitate.

By Jane Sumerset

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