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How to Turn a Woman on


Today I am going off course a bit. I have been receiving emails asking a lot of different questions, but one subject keeps coming up more often than others.

Sex. And how to be good at it.

Most guys automatically think they are great in the sack. That they have the skills to drive women crazy in bed. The bad news – this is rarely the case. The good news – this stuff can be taught!

Sex is important. If you can bring a women to a level of sexual pleasure she has never experienced before, she will never forget you. You will instantly be a legend in her mind, and her attraction towards you will skyrocket.

Today I am going to look at how to turn a woman on. Below I have listed a few things you can do in order to drive your woman wild.

1) Sensual language – There is a big difference between sensual language and sexual language. Girls like to hear ideas, feelings and emotions described in detail in a sensual way. Voice tone, or a “sexy voice” is a big plus.

2) Touching – This is a HUGE part of turning a girl on. Most guys rush past this part without realizing how important it is. Girls like to be touched, caressed, stroked, cuddled etc. Now you don’t do this whenever you are with her, but when you are alone with her, make sure to dedicate some time in this area.

3) Smells – Ever notice that women love to smell flowers? Girls LOVE scents. And a great cologne has the ability to excite a girl.

Women also love is to be smelled. Take some time to smell her hair while you stroke it. Smell her neck while you kiss it. TELL her how great she smells. These simple gestures can set her off. Believe me.

4) Tastes – while on the couch or lying in bed, feed a girl things like strawberries, chocolate or champagne.

Notice how the above four things all relate to her senses. By stimulating certain senses, you can put her in “the mood”.

Women do not get aroused visually like men do. They may very well be attracted to a man, but her other senses play a bigger role when it comes to being sexually excited.

Little things, like running your fingertips across her thigh or hands, kissing her earlobes etc. are more likely to get her aroused than simply a good looking guy with his shirt off.

You want to build a fire inside of her. Resist your urge to just pounce on her and get naked. I know, I know. It can be hard. But by doing the little things you will reap the rewards.

Kiss her gently. Pull back and look her in the eyes for a second or two; then begin kissing her gently again. Try to stimulate all her senses. Make it a sensual experience.

This buildup will get her so excited that she simply can’t resist you any longer. With a little practice, you will see exactly how to stimulate her senses.

I think that is where I will leave it for today. I will talk about building anticipation and also specific sexual techniques in another article. It is SO important to learn the basics of how to turn a woman on before learning what to do in the sack. After all, you have to get there first don’t you!?!

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By Will T Mason

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