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How to Use Blogger Gadgets and Template Designer


How to use blogger by google basic actions. Editing and introducing devices/widgets and working with your template designer


  1. There is no such kind of thing like TAP TAGS in my blog. I wanna make different pages and put each page several posts in a row. Please help me

  2. Hello sister! Thank for your helpful video! i want to ask you sth, i want to use Khmer Language on my blog , and the problem is when i open my blog my mobile( i use destop tempate on mobile divice) , i cannot see anything , just ???? error , how can i fix it , help me pls!!!!

  3. Hey suzan. Thanx for the nice tutorial. I have this problem in my browser I cant see the way i can select the view of my tabs, for instance in pages.. I dont see options like top tabs,or side tab or don't show.. can you help please?

  4. I cant even arrange pages that i have created through dragging and i don't see the save arrangement button in the page option

  5. How do you add your individual items in the tamplate the way you have it in this video? I would like to do that for my eBay listings but have no idea what template layout to use or how to add the items so they are layed out across the page and then easily open up when clicked. Do you know how to do that? Thanks for the help.

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