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How to Use Emotions to Attract Women


Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor and manage emotions in oneself and others. Although men have been mating with women for thousands and thousands of years, most men still don’t realise that women are driven by emotions. So many guys have no problem talking to women but can never take it any further. To influence a woman or create attraction in her, you must know how to appeal to her emotions.

Many guys are in relationships with a woman for years and they still don’t truly understand her. During sex for example, women need a lot more foreplay than men and to turn her on and have amazing sex, you must play to her emotions. Every woman desires a man who knows how to ignite the passion and turn them on. Most men do not know the true art of turning a woman on and mostly fail when it comes to doing it the right way.

Men’s famous lack of emotional intelligence may have a scientific basis, according to British psychologists. An experiment based on facial recognition at St Andrews University has concluded that a man’s brain cannot pick up the facial expressions showing how his partner feels – supporting the long-held view that men are emotionally clueless. Female attraction is very different than male attraction. The elements that trigger female attraction are more emotional based than men.

Many of the problems in relationships today are based on the fact that men are treating women like men- humans who respond first to the physical. According to psychologist Jo Maddocks, everyone is born with a capacity for high levels of emotional intelligence, but this can change as we go through our general life, depending on our experiences.

She goes on to say that people then start to use coping methods preventing us thinking about them – such as getting angry, or staying quiet and bottling everything up – methods that can become addictive. It is acknowledging these emotions and behaviors and stopping them from ruling our behaviour that gives us emotional intelligence. The key is to make small changes to our behavior, rather than attempt to overhaul our whole personality.

One of the key elements of an interaction with a woman is suspense. This is the essence of flirting. Suspense gives her the rollercoaster of emotions that she so desires. Build suspense at all times in your interactions. Many experts claim that to influence a woman, you must change her mood, not her mind. You can’t logic a woman into doing anything sexual. It’s a purely emotional process, so it is vital to understand and recognize the key emotional trigger points. These are covered in a later chapter.

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By Stephan Nolan

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