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How to Write a Campaign Funding Letter For High Response


A few weeks ago, a senatorial candidate contacted me about writing some email messages for his campaign. The letters have to be profitable, because he's out of funding – nothing like laying on the pressure. But, I took the challenge and looked around to make sure what I was writing would work for profits. Here's what I came up with – and it worked!

1. Introduce your candidate in one paragraph. Keep it short and to the point, but friendly. Give your candidate a personality and recognition with keywords and phrases that allow people to get to know him (or her).

2. Invite your readers to get involved in the campaign and become a part of the team in the first paragraph. Welcome them to the active team you've got going and share the details of what's happening with the campaign. (Keep it short.)

3. Tell them how they can help. Invite them to get involved with a call to action that actually involves them doing something. Click a button on the page, send in $ 5.00 donations, or make a phone call, whatever it is, keep it simple and time savvy.

4. Give them contact information for your candidate, even if it's an auto responder that simply gives them someplace to send their concerns. (Be sure you do go read them!)

5. Address their concerns and ideas by responding to the emails they return to you. This is important, because it gives them an opportunity to know you're listening.

The best part about the campaign was the speed with which we received results.

By Jan Verhoeff

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