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How to Write a Classified Ad


The greatest advantage to writing classified ads is that majority of people that respond will demonstrate a sincere interest in acquiring the results that were promoted in the ad. A well written classified ad will attract an unsurpassed amount of qualified customers and in turn put money in your bank account.

When creating your classified ads some common mistakes that you really want to avoid are closing the sale in the ad itself, pushing a product instead of great benefits, and not providing a strong compelling offer. Performing these three pitfalls can significantly decrease your rate of response and can result in monetary losses as well. Your classified ad should serve as a tool to get people interested to take action and it is the benefits that are contained in your ad that will trigger people to respond.

Some actions you must perform prior to creating your first ad are to document the greatest benefits the customers will get, identify your target audience and obsessing magazine classified ads to get inspirational ideas. Just by following these three simple preparation steps will give you a competitive edge on creating excellent high-quality classified ads.

The headline alone in your ad should immediately command the consideration of its viewers. It should be seen as something that is necessary and significant to them. Again you will capture the reader's attention by delivering the advantages to them.

Choose the wording of your ad carefully as it is the words you use that will generate a response. Utilize strong and empowering words that provide the greatest impact for your ad. Employ words that will instantly stimulate emotional reactions, painting a visual picture in the mind of the reader.

The feelings that are caused as a result of your ad are what will bring about its initial appeal in the eyes of the customer. Stressing the end result of what your product will offer is the element of your ad that will lead to producing sales.

The key to extracting cash from ads is to put emphasis on what your customers want to hear letting them know exactly what's in it for them, since customers are likely to give attention to things relevant to their needs. Also, set yourself above the competition by making your ads unique and original. As well, ensure that all necessary contact information is provided and responded promptly to every request to secure reliability and trust in the eyes of the customer.

By Donnalee Jemmison

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