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How to write a good pre-sell


Are you involved in internet marketing? Are you great at getting traffic to your pre-sell page, but not getting clicks to your vendor’s page; Writing a winning pre-sell is one of the many challenges that affiliate marketers face.

You need to capture the attention of your readers, to the extent that they will want to click through to the merchant’s page. 

An effective pre-sell page should have the following qualities:  

Editorial style

Avoid outright sales pitches which internet users do not bother to read.  Using an editorial style in your pre-sell positions you as a bit of an ‘authority’ rather than a sales person.

Your pre-sell should zero in on the problem that affects your readers and present a feature of the marketed product as a solution. Offer advice and substantiate it with testimonials, case studies, product reviews and endorsements.

Maintain an authoritative tone but take care not to sound condescending to your readers.  

Killer headlines

The attention span of an internet user is fleeting and must be captured within the first few seconds upon reaching your pre-sell page using headlines and sub-headlines. Use headlines that create curiosity, have drama, convey urgency or provoke strong emotions.   


Keep a mental outline of what you are going to say to your readers. The inverse approach is best used in internet writing, where the message or conclusion you want to impart is mentioned at the onset and supported by a discussion of a problem that your potential customer may be facing, the features of the product that address the problem directly and other benefits that you feel may be important to your target market. 

If you provide quality information about the problem and solution, you will have a better chance of converting your prospects to clients.  


Whenever possible, you should try out the product you are marketing before writing your pre-sell.  Having acquired first-hand experience of the products you are marketing makes it easier for you to promote them to your buyers with accurate descriptions of each product’s features and benefits.  

If you do not have the time or skill necessary to write your own pre-sell, consider engaging the services of a professional writer with knowledge and experience in internet marketing to compose your pre-sell page.

Delegating this task minimises errors in creating your pre-sell page and allows you to focus on other equally important aspects of your affiliate marketing plan.

By Janelle Elizabeth

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