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How to Write a Job Transfer Request


If you've ever wondered how to write a job transfer request then the following should help you.

The important thing to remember is that, like writing a resume, you need to sell yourself. Don't be frightened to realistically blow your own trumpet. Being ambitious is no sin and most employers will welcome applications from existing employees who feel that they want to progress their careers. But like most things, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.

Firstly, you need to state clearly just why you want a job transfer.

Be honest but not critical of your current superior or certain existing procedures within your organization. If you are applying for an internal vacancy that has arisen then state clearly why you believe that you are the perfect person for that job.

Emphasise your strengths, experience and abilities. Be relevant, positive and persuasive. It's also a good move to inform your current boss that you intend to apply for this new job. This really is a business courtesy and indicates that you have an open attitude to the situation.

If you are considering a new position because of a more personal reason, eg a close relative is ill and you need to work at a more local company office / plant, then a slightly different approach is needed.

Again be honest about your situation. Provide the appropriate information but also assure your employer that you still wish to continue your career with them. Point out your experience, abilities and achievements to date. And always remember that the main advantage you have over an external applicant for any vacant position within your company is that you are already fully familiar with the company, its personnel and its objectives. This 'inside' information is worth a great deal and should not be overlooked.

In both situations, try to be complementary with regard to the progress of the company to date and how you believe that you can contribute towards its future success. Make some genuine comments that you truly believe. Follow this up with a commitment to train and help the person who will be appointed to your 'old' position should your transfer request be granted.

Obviously your request should be well written in formal, business language but try to inject some of your own personality to make it individual. And always check it for errors before it is submitted.

I sincerely hope this helps you on the subject of 'How To Write A Job Transfer Request' and good luck with your career.

By Frank Lomax

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