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How to write a literature review Part 2


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  1. Dear Patrick, thanks alot for this very much valuable piece of work. I would like, however, to learn more about writing Literature review because I am writing a 2000-word essay about (learning vocabulary ) which must be submitted after two weeks from now. The question how can I be critical?

  2. 'How to be critical' is a very good question. 'Being critical' does not mean 'criticising' but it does mean 'questioning' what people say. In my literature review part 2 you see I said:
    Everard and Morris………..this rather simplistic definition does not explain…
    so you can see here that I am questioning how useful their definition is. The point is that you are not simply reporting what the other authors say, but you are saying how useful their work is.
    I hope that helps good luck.

  3. Dear Patrick first of all I would like to thank you very much for the respond. I've revised your example but I've also noticed that you have criticised the definition by saying ……. this rather simplistic ……… DOES NOT explain how it might tackle tasks……. Please explain this. Thanks

  4. sir can i use this for a literature review on medicinal plants, i have to choose one specific plant and i have no idea where to begin. Your video seems very helpful but im not sure weather its for science or just english

  5. Great stuff – I now have a clearer idea of what I need to do for my first draft. It's just a shame I didn't put as much thought and research into my proposals!

  6. This has perfectly summed up what a literature review is and how to conduct one. THANK YOU so much! You are an asset to education!

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