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How to Write a Resume For an IT Position – Ten Tips


Jobs within the IT industry are still highly sought after and it is only the very best resumes that will make it beyond the initial 30 second screening. It is estimated that for each advertised IT position, there will be 300 resumes: and this is on the rise.

1. Make Your Resume Searchable: The best way to ensure that your resume is web searchable is to use the right keywords. You cannot merely list your skill sets: you must also be able to demonstrate effective use of them. One example of this is, should you possess skills in ORACLE and VB.NET, the keyword phrases you should use are "database programming" and "testing". The other factor regarding the use of keywords is that there is an increasing use of electronic scanning of resumes. Should you fail to use the correct keywords, your resume will most likely not get past the scanner.

2. Select The Right Format: Whilst the different resume formats have their negative and positive aspects, when it comes to IT positions, the most useful formal is the functional resume format as it is best at showcasing your skills and experiences. Its ability to save time for hiring managers will afford you more chance of making the shortlist.

3. Put Emphasis on Your Skills: Your skills are crucial to making it into an IT position. Use short sentences to highlight these skills such as "Programmer with 7 years experience in COBOL and ORACLE, the last three years as team leader." Points such as this will serve to emphasize both your IT skills and other skills including leadership, management and interpersonal skills. It is interesting to note that these last skills are sometimes deficient in IT candidates.

4. Don't Make Mistakes In Terminology: If you use industry terminology incorrectly or in the wrong context, it can be disastrous. Don't make mistakes such as "dataware housing" or "data wearhousing" when it should read as "data warehousing". Carefully proofread your resume then ask someone else to proofread it as well.

5. Streamline Your Paragraphs: This is not the time to be dazzling your prospective employer with your verbosity. Keep the paragraphs short and to the point. List any certifications separately.

6. Highlight Your Accomplishments: List your current responsibilities and what you have specifically achieved, citing examples of the platforms you have used.

7. Rid Your Resume of Personal Information: It is not necessary to include personal details as they will only serve as a distraction.

8. Begin with a Summary. When you include at the very beginning a summary of the key elements you will encourage the employer to read further. A well written executive summary can really engage the reader.

9. Don't Fall Into the Trap of Overdoing It: Your resume as a calling cards and a sales pitch. It is important that you are able to back up everything you have written. Don't include anything that you are not qualified for.

10. Carefully Proofread the Resume: Get rid of any and all grammar and spelling errors. Misspellings and typos have absolutely no place in a resume.

If you follow these tips carefully, it is not that difficult to create a resume that will make it to the shortlist, getting you a head start into that job.

By Raymond James

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