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How To Write An Ebook – Outlining Your Ebook


In this article, I'm going to give you step by step instructions on how to outline your eBook before you start writing a single word down. If you follow this advice, you'll cut your writing time down in half. Plus, this system is duplicatable to any eBook you write in the future.

Depending on the topic of the ebook, the content being delivered, and what price the eBook will be, you're going to have chapters and sub-chapters. The chapters and sub-chapters are what you want to outline first before you start writing.

If your eBook is a free giveaway, then maybe you have only 10 topics that are 1 page each, and each topic is a different chapter. If your eBook is an in-depth resource selling for $ 47, then maybe you have 10 chapters with 10 sub-chapters for a total of 100 topics. Each topic is 1 page, therefore your eBook will be around 100 pages or more.

(Note: I use the number 10 simply to make the math easy 10 topics or 10 sub-topics is a great number to use, but only use the amount of topics that make sense for your niche If only 7 topics make sense, use 7. If 12, use 12).

Once you have you 10 chapters outlined, you want to make each chapter title a 'heading 1' tag. All you do is highlight the chapter title, then choose 'heading 1' from the drop down menu inside your word processing program in the format section.

It's always a good idea to start a chapter on a new page. The flow of the eBook will be better plus it helps add a few more pages to the length of the ebook, if that's a concern to you. To do this, insert a page break after you make the chapter title a 'heading 1'.

Tip: If you decide on publishing your ebooks to Amazon Kindle or other eBook platforms, having chapters start on new pages works perfectly for online reading.

To create sub-topics or sub-chapters, you do exactly the same steps as above, but you choose 'heading 2' instead of 'heading 1'. You do not need to insert page breaks after sub-chapters like you should do with chapter titles.

The beautiful thing about outlining your eBook this way is that the table of contents will automatically format itself based on the 'heading' tags you set. All you have to do is choose the table of contents you like from the pre-formatted templates and insert it where you want it.

So remember, do NOT write a single word until you have your eBook completely out out with every chapter and every sub-chapter. Trust me when I say you will save yourself so much time and a ton of headaches when you follow this simple formula.

By GT Allen

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