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How to Write Articles in 7 Easy Steps


Knowing how to write articles using a format that readers find appealing is one of the most effective writing skills you can develop. By and large most readers prefer articles that utilize a ‘list format’ since it presents the content in a systematic and organized fashion. When you are writing for your reader you want to concentrate on not only the quality of the content but also the layout.

Presenting your content in a fashion that is easy for people to follow encourages them to continue reading through the entire article. When you spend the time to write an article there is no greater compliment than to have readers read it completely.

So now we want to review in 7 steps how to learn to write articles in a format that will appeal to your readers:

Pick Your Subject

Your article content should usually be related to the topic of your blog or website. Try to choose a subject that is ‘hot’ and current within the circles of your niche. When you write an article you always want it to be relevant and current so a quick review of recent events is a good start for writing ideas.

Develop Your Ideas

After narrowing down your writing ideas into one topic you’ll want to next consider possible sub-topics around which you can base your list. Remember you’re just coming up with a list of topics here so there’s no need to write complete thoughts or paragraphs at this point.

Determine the Length of Your List

Ok you’ve developed a sizable list of sub-topics to work with so now you want to decide the length of the list you’ll use for your article.

In choosing a list length it is recommended to pick odd numbers such as 3, 5, 7, or even 10. An article such as ‘The Top 10 Reasons…” or perhaps “5 Primary Causes of …” seem to catch a readers eye more easily. For undermined reasons readers seem to prefer list that are of these lengths!

Select Your Best Ideas

When reviewing the sub-topics you’ve developed for your article you’ll want to choose, obviously, your ‘best’ topics for inclusion on your list. Enough said here.

Logically Arrange Your Ideas

When writing for your readers you want your content to flow in an organized manner that makes sense. The same goes for the order in which you list your sub-topics. You want your list to reflect some logical pattern making it easier for the reader to follow so keep this in mind as you arrange this list.

Compose an Introduction and Conclusion

This should be relatively easy to do at this point since you already have put together the content of your article. These may be the only areas of your entire article where your writing skills are put to the test
In your intro just briefly discuss the reason for your list and how it will help the reader.

Your conclusion will simply state what your list just covered and how it will help your reader if they act upon your suggestions.

Effective writing always lets the reader know what they are about to read in the introduction and then what it is they have read in the conclusion.

Develop a Catchy Title

With an article using a list format it is not too difficult to develop an eye catching title. Just including the number on the list and stating the benefit of the list itself within your title will catch a readers’ eye.

For instance you have of list of 10 home remedies for poison ivy well there you go:

“10 Ways to Cure Your Poison Ivy at Home” or “10 Remedies that Will Stop Poison Ivy and Cut Medical Costs”.   

Knowing how to write articles using a list format will not only win the appeal of your reader but also make your article writing much easier. It is to your advantage and to the benefit of your readers to learn to write articles with this type of format. You will find your article writing is now less a chore while people will find reading them more enjoyable. Everybody wins!

By TJ Philpott

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