Home Website Review How to write product reviews when you don't own the product?

How to write product reviews when you don't own the product?


How to write product reviews when you don’t own the product?

I’m going to give you 4 ideas that will help you write content for products that you don’t actually own.

1. Amazon details page – Normally they have a nice bullet section and will go over some of the features and details of the product. You can’t copy directly, but you can take it as a first step and put the rest into your own words.

2. Manufacturer’s website – Most products have a user manual and you can download the full manual and find tons of information that you need. There’s also a troubleshooting section where you can find questions from users and put those ideas into your content.

3. Amazon reviews – You cannot copy the reviews from Amazon, but if you put the information into your own words then you are all good. I recommend reading 5 reviews, a few 1 star and a few 5 stars, and you can get an idea of the issues with the product and what people like about it.

4. Go To Forums – You can find lots of information on different products written by people who have used the products, you can find lots of information. Facebook groups are also a great place to find information about products.

If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Doug, my tip would be: research the hell out of things you are writing about. Read everything you can find and create your own words with a unique spin – you dont want to be boring. You will find out that a lot of people have a similar view on the issue, so you can generalize it and go with it. While we are on point – watch videos – they are awesome at providing the information and at the same time you can see the product. Pause. Rewatch. Doublecheck. Do it all. These are your resources. What I am doing? All this + what Doug mentioned in his video + aplying my own special style sauce to give it a little kick. I am always aiming to be the best resource out there. And you should too. Dont worry about failing. You will fail hard, but you can always go back and improve on your article. So take a deep breath, dive in and bring the pearls of the best you can get. Cheers to you all.

  2. Doug my question is while selecting a niche, if a particular keyword has high competition according to keyword planner but all-in title result is low then should I work on this keyword
    And how much all in title result should be while selecting a nich
    Thank you!

  3. I admit I struggled with this a little bit morally when I started doing sites. How can you write a "review" of something you don't own and have never seen? Obviously, the best review of something is going to be by an owner of that thing, and so another suggestion here is to.. <drumroll> actually buy it. I came across a Youtube channel recently where all they do is buy things and review them on camera. This is a bit of a weird spin to it, as it is some teenage girl reviewing everything and I get the sense that it's slightly exploitative of her, but it seems to be getting views. Short of buying it, what I do is exactly what Doug has said here and that's just research the heck out of it in various ways until you understand what you're saying in your review. A couple things to point out that I've learned over the years, however, that does tie in with the morality issue of writing reviews for things you don't own. 1. If you go into a niche you don't fully grasp, and write reviews that suck, be prepared to fail, or to do a lot of revising later. I did that with one niche that was highly technical and I swear I've re-written that content several times, and I'm still re-writing some of it to this day. That's because I never owned such and such thing, and it's complicated. 2. Watch out for products that are not only complicated, but if you explain how they're used incorrectly, someone could actually get hurt. I write in some of those niches too, and I realize as I'm writing the review that holy shit, someone could actually die if I make the wrong suggestion. In those cases, I do even more research until I can safely say I know what I'm talking about, and I might even use some disclaimers like "Make sure you read the manual on this one carefully or you'll be in big trouble!" Otherwise, for those kinds of things (ie. something with spinning blades or say parachutes), I might go as far as to hire a real expert on them so it's not just me saying "Ok, so at 10 000 feet, you pull the chord" (meanwhile I'm sitting here being like yikes!). Amazon does sell a lot of stuff, and so just be cautious how you write about it because seriously if you're selling some flamethrower and you say "yeah just start throwin' flames, it'll be fine" maybe isn't the best advice to give if you haven't ever seen or touched said flamethrower. 🙂

  4. Hi Doug I really love video, and I wanted start a blog about reviewing books last month , I delayed because of the copyright issues I might get from the author or publishers so I want you to help me please , should I stop there or move on. Thank u

  5. Hi Doug
    Great content, i am hoping to start a review website and was wondering how to or where to get images for a product to review without the product, thanks Jeff

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