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HP Slate 7 Review | Engadget


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It’s no secret that HP has struggled when it comes to tablets. The company has faced (and crashed into) its share of mobile device hurdles in recent years — most notably, with the ill-fated and expensive TouchPad. With its latest foray into the tablet world, HP is hoping to hit one out of the park with the Slate 7, a budget tablet that retails for $170 in the US ($140 with instant savings).

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  1. budget tablet ! apple is not in this conversation . apple does not do anything budget

  2. the screens are about at good as each other, ipad has a slightly better calibrated screen while the nexus 10's is slightly sharper

  3. Wow, she knows what she's talking about. And it comes out so effortlessly fluent. I love this one, keep her.

  4. hp is still crashing and burning. Is hp's goal to drive people away from tablets? Looks like it.

  5. Should be free. Just to get rid of it. HP another failure….shocking bad product!!! Asus is way ahead with his nexus 7!

  6. So what about the beats audio? she said "we'll get to it in a moment" but she never did…Also she says that the CPU performance is slow but never on this vid we could see that, and about the gyros or whatever the name, looked fine despite the efforts to make it look slow (she was shaking it after .4 secs LOL) , what worries me is the display wonder if it really looks at bad as she said? guess I'll look around for a better review

  7. Ugh. the resolution is like trying to use the first iPad after the retina iPad. impossible.

  8. Kids these days don't want to be seen with a "budget tablet", because their friends might think they are poor. So they beg their parents for an iPad.

  9. Hp will never learn their lesson from the mistakes with the palm and the webos.eveen tho I love webos.the continue to bleed money.they should stick to laptops and desktops.sad story really.

  10. Bluefisch200 chrome even lags a little bit on iphone so chrome is basically crap on everything accept maybe normal PC and Mac

  11. to bad, no comment about the sd card expension in comparison to the nexus 7. the slate7 isn´t my favorit tablet, but the best from the low budget, compared to the acer iconia or the nexus 7…

  12. The previous poster is a fool, women is very important to the gadget world. Too bad HP can't make a decent tablet at a good price.

  13. The HP Slate 7 is quite a bit better VS the B1 from what I've tested

    The screens make a world of difference and the 2 don't cost much different where I'm from

  14. This tablet is not all that bad…. People need to stop comparing it to the nexus and see the good in it, if I went with what every reviewer said, I'd have the new nexus 7 that's how much these people bring it up…

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