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HTC Windows Phone 8X Review | Engadget


It feels like forever since Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 back in June, but the mobile OS is finally here and with it comes the inaugural volley of compatible handsets.
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  1. type in google adblock plus firefox use this to block adverts when going on youtube using firefox.

  2. Lol make this phone for android. I rather not have a phone than to have android lol. I rather use a pay phone. Android is the stupid..

  3. That is true, but say google goes under tomorrow, someone like Facebook or Microsoft would probably buy it.

  4. Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion. It was already a behemoth. Why the fuck wouldn't it exist without Google. These days all it takes is to buy something to be responsible for its existence? I gotta buy some science papers!

  5. YouTube is introducing a paid subscription to channels on YouTube. Other video sites have already implemented this method. If we didn't have Google ads YouTube would still be here. I've got nothing against Google, It's just your statement is wrong and people have a right to dislike Google Ads.

  6. Nobody was asking whether it would be successful. But sure bud you tell yourself whatever you want. Here I'll help you out with your next statement: if there wasn't advertising on HBO there wouldn't be HBO.

  7. YouTube existed before Google came along and ruined the place. Thanks for playing though.

  8. Have HTC fixed the "not so flush" screen problem like mentioned in this video? I plan on getting this phone to replace my current phone that keeps on electrocuting me… Yeah.

  9. Damn! This phone would have been perfect! The fact that you can't remove the battery or add storage totally ruins the whole phone for me! I would have bought it otherwise! :'( Not being able to remove the battery is the shittiest design flaw ever! What do you do if it freezes? What do you do when the battery performance begins to drop and you need to replace the battery? Nothing…

  10. memory storage is a huge problem run out of storage too fast. it give you the minimal and there is no Micro SD card slot. I got ton of mp3 files and my collection dose not fit.
    there is no equalizer and there is no download. I rather use Android phones lots more apps problem with android apps too much spam/spyware
    8X No SD slot. there is no exchange

  11. Well the video might still exist, but I bet J Merc would never be able to find it. He'd have to use Bing. Which also has ads. So there goes that.

  12. they are fucking hypocrites tho, there are multiple ways of blocking ads on chrome and android, while they are bitching at microsoft for not allowing ads through their windows phone youtube app, which they were forced to develop themselves because google refuses to develop any google apps for windows phone except a lame search app. they are regressing, just like apple.

  13. because it's less than 3 years old. its app marketplace and OS marketshare are growing faster than any other phone OS. stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. not saying it's necessarily "better" than android, it is simpler and less customizable. different strokes for different folks.

  14. Yup this site is just giving out comletely free White Apple iPad 3's for today only.

    You have to be fill out your address but it is all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM

    Svijetla kosa i tamna kosa, to su dva pola ljudskog karaktera. Tamna kosa znači muževnost, odvažnost, otvorenost i poduzetnost, dok je svijetla kosa simbol ženstvenosti, nježnosti,

  15. Very well done but how is the phone quality? Any issues with echo? Can people hear on both ends clearly? Thank you

  16. I have this phone for 2 weeks now and I loooove it!
    The screen is perfect for me, not very big, greaaat resolution and density, colors are just fine, and perfect viewing angles,
    The design is eye catching, very good to hold in the hand.
    Runs smoothly all the time, and handles very well the biggest videogames out there 😉 (I'm a hardcore player and this is just enough, no need for quad cores).

     Call quality is perfect, never had problems.
     My first Windows Phone and I'm loving it.

     APPS: HAS EVERYTHING ANYONE NEEDS! almost 300.000 apps and games, why do you need more? It doesn't have crap apps like android. Microsoft really selects only the good stuff.

    Camera e top, I don't need more than 8 pixels. Handles al the situations well, and easy to change settings.

    Only downside: power button is not easy to press. But if you use a case with a button thing, it improves 😉

  17. Very under rated front facing camera for selfies. 2.1 megapixel with wide angle lens that can out perform many main cameras on other phones.

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