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Hyundai Tucson Assessment | Buyer Reviews


The Hyundai Tucson breaks from the boxy, smaller SUV layout. Gas financial state and dealing with are great, but there are some functional sacrifices for model. Understand much more about the Hyundai Tucson and other smaller SUVs on our web website:


  1. @OneOfaKind949 well that also was years ago, times have changed, and if i am not mistaking, isnt the excel the lowest of low of a vehicle hyundai made?

  2. Great review! Instead of 0-60 times and other numbers which people who buy this kind of cars don't really care about, she did a very thorough practicality and ergonomics review.

  3. @Mugre300

    I'm not sure in the metric system. However, this Tuscon is 23 city / 31 MPG for FWD. 22/29 for AWD.

  4. @Mugre300

    I'm not sure in the metric system. However, this Tuscon is 23 city / 31 MPG for FWD. 22/29 for AWD. I would say km per gallon around 60 kg/ 3.875L overall highway.

  5. Love how reviewers complain about outward visibility. Yet if you made it look like a fish bowl, they would complain about the styling. Also, there would be no place for airbags, creating more complaints. Be realistic in your reviews. However I do think i'd appreciate the road noise if she were a passenger. 🙂

  6. oh my … my dirty pant leg… forget this car. .. better buy the Kia… but oh no… the Kia has a similar design but good news… it will only dirty your sock as you lift your leg wit the Kia Sportage your pant leg rides up protecting it from dirt LOL… looks like Kia and Hyundai are on the rise. some Kia lots look empty.

  7. @Imachowderhead yeah it does, i had a 4cyl 2.0 FWD 2009 tucson, after 3 years of lease, we owed 20000$ to check out and own the car. now the tucson was only worth 13000$-14000$. squeaking shocks, whistling noise on highway. And 17mpg…this car was under powered. finally got rid of it and got a real truck that guzzles gas for a reason.

  8. Why did they have to name it after one of the crappiest cities in America?
    It just shows you how disconnected Hyundai is from their American buyers.
    I would never buy a car from a company who is known for for their products being plagued with electrical and mechanical problems and who has never had an original idea in their history other than a 100,000 mile 10 year warranty. Which you will use many times if you buy one.
    I don't have enough free time for the games Hyundai plays.

  9. I just purchased a 2012 GLS and I love it and I realllly love getting 27mpg in the city. I have got up to 36mpg on the HWY. Most of the complaints here are not actually valid. This is a GREAT vehicle for the month that I have had it. I can't wait to get my aftermkt wheels 🙂

  10. I bought the GLS AWD model including tax/lic/reg out the door for $25k. This came with alloy wheels and some options.Try to find a sub $23k SUVs and I gurantee only place you can get one is at a used lot.

  11. what crappie revew things to watch out for "your pants getting dirty on the side" really… i need to know price, hp,tech, mpg and over all size . i know it's not a cadillac im not expecting a ride like that… please fix this

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