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Hyundai Tucson SUV 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews


The Hyundai Tucson is a stylish and practical SUV that offers good value for money and a class-leading warranty. Can it fend off strong competition from the popular Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage? Watch our full 4K review with Mat Watson to find out whether this is the compact SUV you should buy.

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  1. i am very confused between cx5 and tucson plzz guide as i dont want to get wrong also plzz guide about the resale value of both of the cars plzz plzzz thanks

  2. Hello. Can you help me to choose what car to buy? Jeep renegade limited with a panoramic roof and on the 1.6 diesel which costs 22,500 euros, Hyundai Tucson with the highest equipment package (leather seats, front and rear parking sensors, seat heaters) which is 1.6 gasoline that costs 22,500 euros, or package as the film , 1.7 diesel, that cost 22,500 euros? and why? Thanks!

  3. STOP slagging off Hyundai .the build quality is superb and the interior is not cheap or nasty i have been in many expensive cars with worse plastic .i have also owned various Hyundai's the last one for 9 years a Tucson old shape .anything made from 2008 onwards is well made and will last the 1.7 diesel is NOTa rough engine my wife has the 1.7 ix35 its quiet as any other diesels but being a Hyundai it packed with kit .the new 2017 Tucson is a smart car also loaded with kit go for the SE there are many useful extras and you won't pay silly money if you can live without a reversing camera and a touch screen sat nav /sound system then the SE will save you around £2k .a good sat nav will cost around £200 and the sound system in the rest of the Tuscon's is more than adequate .also ask about Hyundai's affinity scheme i could be wrong but i think Hyundai are the only company to offer this .if you have a blue badge or work for the police and other organisations that deal with Hyundai you qualify for a substantial discount i have just saved over 7k on a brand new Tucson using the scheme .dont buy a diesel if you only do short runs because unlike the older diesels that did not have a DPF the new diesels do have a DFP and if you don't do the miles you will clog it up and it is not covered on their warranty and it will costs you hundreds go for the 1.6 normally aspirated petrol if you are going to be using this car for short runs [like the 2 mile school run twice a day ]

  4. Matt! I don't know if Hyundai Creta is an SUV that's being selled in Europe, but if it is, could you review it? I'm looking for it, and I can't trust anyone but you

  5. Mat, we bought the Premium 2016 model late last year. Panoramic roof, LED lights and all the toys for boys you could ever need. We love the strong styling of it and it is the 2.0 ltr diesel, so has a bit of oomph when required and when using cruise control, I can get well over 40 mpg and that's even driving about the streets (like a Priest mind you). We love it and this is our 2nd Hyundai. The last one was the IX35 which was bullet proof too.

  6. Fuck tucson i hate mines vibrates alot they dont wanna fix my problem never gonna get a hyundai they trick you by the design and specs guys dont buy this

  7. the Tucson 2016 1.6T limited is the WORST I have ever own, First transmition issues we struggle for months and then AC issues , still not resolved , the Hyundai team DOS NOT CARE!!!!   or may be they are just incompetent. 
    the (beep) representative from (beep) Hyundai  does not sign his emails (I think he/she might be ashamed of working with (beep) Hyundai) 

  8. Interesting how the interior trim and engines on offerings are almost totally to Australia. I've just settled on the Highlander (top) trim level here wiht the 1.6 and DCT.

  9. Steering feel is rubbish but you dont say anything about it. But when you test drive merc. You say always bmw is better. And i say this cars is the worst of all the suvs.

  10. Its a good looking cross over but in my country they are EVERYWHERE it makes them unbuyable for me


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