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Hyundai Verna Automatic Long Term Owners Perspective Review


Hyundai Verna Automatic Petrol review from an end users perspective it would be almost 2 years since I have been driving a Verna (SXO Petrol model) and I share my thoughts what I really like about the car and what are the things that I do not like.

This Verna has a 1591cc Petrol engine that produces 121 bhp with 151Nm of peak torque and has a 6 speed automatic gear box.

Android Auto with Verna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bSTmUV0iHk

Different Types of Transmissions in Automatic Cars – AMT, CVT, DCT & Torque Convertor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsoQRbJ8JRw

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  1. My friends 2013 Vernas automatic transmission malfunctioned, Hyundai sent him an estimate of 3.8L. Enjoy!

  2. You can upgrade the tyres to the bigger size.. go for 205/55 R16. Its improves controlling and handling alot. I did on my verna sx(o)

  3. Bhaiya hindi m hi bola kro bhot fasti h english aapki or hindi m bolo ge toh subscribers b badenge.

  4. Why such a random, pointless video? That too a Hyundai Verna! Is it a response to criticism that Ranjit isn't doing more "tech stuff" apart from reviewing smartphones despite being a tech reviewer??! 😜😅

  5. 6000 km in 2 years. Pretty common for those who work at home. Mine has been around 13k in 3 years. The service advisor is constantly advising me to drive more for the better efficiency and long term good condition. Facing some issues like tire cutting, steering wheel etc..Good review btw. Shining in automobile field too 👍

  6. Earn little and buy urself a bmw or Mercedes, u r not professional car reviewer ,don't talk non sense about verna AUTOMATIC, the level of sophistication ,smooth driving experience it gives is unmatched wid city .

  7. Outside environmental smells does get injected through the AC– I have 2017 Hyundai Elantra in the US..

  8. Same foul smell issue with my Verna Diesel automatic. For me out side smell comes inside even when the AC is off.

  9. If you talk about syssteemmmma.
    If you talk about sssteeriiiinggga
    Your accent is annoying.
    But videos are awesome

  10. 0:50 Sir please do not rest your hand there as if you were to get into an accident and the airbag was to deploy it would go off with force and that force will injure your hand and not allow the airbag to protect your face.

  11. Mileage shockingly low. Agree it is 1.6L Auto but still should show some decent figures of min 13. Hyundai never bothers to address the back seat comfort. Hyundai should stop competing with MSIL and should look at VW/Skoda or a kind of car makers. Anyways Ranjit you had a good vid but I feel 6K is less to term it as a long term review on the flip side it is good that we heard about Verna from a owner rather than a reviewer. Happy and Safe Motoring.

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