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I don't believe in reviews – just my own research


I know most people like to run to the net to look for reviews on everything – product reviews, website reviews – dating websites too.  Its like we rely on the net to tell us where we can find love. This isn’t such a bad idea. But for me, I like to read the reviews and then do my own research just to be sure. Like when I was looking for an interracial website where Black people could find love in people of other races, I  ran to the internet and read the interracial dating reviews then went on to their websites to actually confirm all this. Some required payment before doing this. Others required registration first. And one of the reviews was the Afroromance review.

The Afroromance review I came across first was just full of praises. This was the opening line: “* Finally a site for dating out of race and color * Easy to navigate * Ratio of men and women is good.” That was all I read. And if I was a person who believed everything they read on the internet, then just those few sentences would have done it. I didn’t even bother to read any more of this particular Afroromance review. The opening lines had everything I was looking for: Interracial; Easy to Navigate; Balance!


So I left this Afroromance review page and off clicked on the link that took me to the Aforomance dating site landing page.  And the one thing that caught my eye was the “Tour” link. So I clicked on it and here, the site actually outlines and explains its features with visuals. And I did not need to pay a dime or sign up first. I actually got to know more about what the site offers without having to commit myself in any way and this said a lot about the website – They are confident about the services they have to offer.

Then there was something that really impressed me; and that was the answer to the question: Does it really work? And to this their answer was: “Our specialist interracial dating site really works – but don’t take our word for it – checkout our member success stories…” So don’t take the word of a site’s review. Do your own homework. I have my own Afroromance review and that, maybe I will share with you another day. But then again, will you take my word for it

For more details please visit us : http://www.afroromance.com/how-it-works/how-safe-is-online-dating

By James

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