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iCade Core Review – Gaming Joystick For the iPad


This is my review of the iCade Core from iON Audio. This is a gaming joystick for your iPad. The iCade Core connects to your iPad via bluetooth and is very responsive. While I love games specifically designed for the touch interface, the iCade Core really enhances the gameplay of those games that feel like they really need a physical gamepad.
There are hundreds of games that support the use of the iCade Core. They can be found on the iCade website.
I wish there were more games supported, but it’s up to developers to add the SDK to their programs.

iON Audio – http://www.ionaudio.com/

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  1. I'm gonna use this thing and an IPAC2 board and make this into an awesome USB joystick for my little raspberry pi arcade console. (Not a cabinet, just a little tiny thing that looks like a Roku hooked into my TV, but still awesome)

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