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Ideas for Jobs for Kids


Whatever the age of your children, if they want to earn their own money for something they want to buy now or for the future, there are a number of jobs that they can do. Here are some suggestions for jobs for kids:

Pull Weeds – Your child can make money is by pulling weeds in the garden, or dandelions in the grass. Pay them fifty cents per weed.

Collecting – There is a great deal of money to be made in collectibles, like stamps, coins, baseball or hockey cards, dolls, etc. Start your children collecting something. It can be great fun for them and enable them to make a profit later on in life. If they like to collect, let them enjoy part of their collection to play with, but put aside good pieces (like first day stamp cover issues, rookie baseball / hockey cards or prize coins) to become part of their savings plan for later. A stamp collector can have two books, one for himself and one for a future investment. The stamp books may even have the same stamps in them.

Baking – At first, you may need to help your child with this one. If your child loves working in the kitchen, have them specialize in their own creation, say a special type of cookie or cupcake or muffin. The child can sell their baked items at bake sales, to neighbors, friends and family-possibly even to local bake shops. Be sure to add in the cost of the ingredients when setting the prices for the baked goods. Again, this teaches good accounting and business sense.

Dog Walking – There are many pet owners that don't have the time or energy to walk their dogs. Your child, if responsible enough, can take on a task like this. They can charge by the hour. They may even be allowed to take the dog to a dog park or even play with it (by throwing a ball for the dog) in the pet owner's backyard to help the dog get exercise. This could be great fun for the child in addition to helping your child make money.

Fruits and Vegetables – Does your child like to play in the mud or garden? Why not help them plant a small vegetable patch so they can sell the produce? Or maybe your child could pick strawberries or apples and offer them to the neighbors for sale. You may also have your child plant small house plants in small planters that they can sell. A sunny spot and watering the plants twice a week is all the service the plants would need-a small effort on your child's part.

Household Chores – Of course giving your child a chore to do for an allowance is 'old hat'. Small children can sweep, tidy their rooms, make their beds, empty the cat litter box, help set the table, take out the garbage, rake leaves, load the dishwasher, dry dishes, dust cars, shovel driveways, etc. for a weekly fee. (Raking leaves and shoveling driveways can also be done around the neighborhood for others to help your child make some money. You can buy them the rake or shovel initially, but be sure to have them reimburse you from their profits! This also helps them to learn the value of money and how to be an entrepreneur.)

Dance or Music – If your child has a musical talent, your child can make money by hiring out their musicality for special events, like weddings, birthdays, Christmas gatherings, etc. Your child could be a dancer, a singer or an instrumentalist. Many people will hire a child to entertain at a gathering just because they are so cute. Performing can also help to boost your child's confidence and enable them to become more comfortable in front of an audience, which can aid them in future careers where they may be required to present or speak in public.

Collecting Deposits on Cans and Bottles – Your child can easily earn money from the deposit they can receive for bottles and cans. If your child were to scan the ditches around your home, they are sure to accumulate a number of cans and bottles that can be returned for cash. This not only increases your child's money yield, but it is a good way to help clean up the environment as well.

The above is only a sample of what a child can do to earn money. Any child's hobby can be turned into a positive cash flow with a little creative thinking. By creating a 'job' for the child in their interest range, you can teach your child a very valuable life lesson while allowing them to enjoy themselves at the same time. Pride in their work becomes a great part of the equation, as well as enabling them to save extra money.

By Denny Phillips

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