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IGN Reviews – Skylanders Swap Force 3DS – Review


Smaller platform, smaller game.

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  1. well of course because only kid and loser adults will play 3DS games , sorry loser , normal people stop play anything nintendo when they reach 12

  2. IGN is a sucker for the kids. I still can't believe this is better than the amazing game beyond 2 souls.

  3. People keep on saying how is this better than beyond two souls, something like that, but you cant just take it by the number at the end, you have to look at everything and review it yourself because obviously, people have different opinions

  4. sweet hey everyone im doing a skylanders swap force giveaway to if you wanna win ckeck out my channel, thanks

  5. I have played both, I've got both and both are great games. How could you possibly have known if I had them or not? It's hard to take any review from IGN seriously.

  6. Only problem is that playing this game costs a lot, the game itself with portal is 69€ and figures are like 15€ each. Fuck that, they can´t rip me off like that.
    If I find the game, portal and few figures set at second-hand for a reasonable price I pick it up, but with full price hell no.

  7. If i level up my characters in the 3ds console version and then put those characters in the ps3 version will they be the level i done them in the 3ds version (sorry for my english i ama from greece)

  8. Wait you said the Handheld version is short on content. Isn't the console one ALSO SHORT ON CONTENT?!

  9. Ok come on, YouTube… A 30 second adult swim Hulu ad that I can't skip… C'mon!!! I know 30 seconds isn't much but I wrote this comment in the time that that as was on before my video started.

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