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IGN’s 3DS Game of the Year 2012 Preview


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Meet a few frontrunners for our 3DS Game of the Year awards.

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IGN’s 3DS Game of the Year 2012 Preview

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  1. Hahahahaha. This is a troll job right? Best 3DS game? lol.It's like asking what the best shit I did this year was. lolz

  2. What about Kingdom Hearts 3D? It was such an amazing game. How could you miss it? I was one of the only reasons why I bought a 3DS.

  3. Here is the list that they should be numbered with : 1. Kid Icarus Uprising , 2.Kingdom Hearts 3D , 3. Resident Evil Revelations , 4. Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask , 5. Paper Mario Sticker Star .

  4. Out of your 5 front runners for best 3DS game of the year 2 of them are for the original DS, which is over 8 years old. What the fuck

  5. I'm proud of ign. Rather than doing what's popular(putting kid Icarus on the list) they have deiced to do whats right and place Zero Escape on the list.

  6. yeah srsly , i played this game for over 200 hours and still playing have u played it? i dont think so if u played it u will know why i played it for over 200 hours

  7. i was talking about 2012 ! 3D Land and Zelda 3D was released in 2011 , and even if they were released in 2012 Kid Icarus is still better, U DONT HAVE KID ICARUS! its awkward for the first 2 hours or something but when u get used to it u will find it easy as hell.

  8. dont look at the scores look at the flaws , the only thing reviewers complained about is controls , and AGAIN U HAVENT PLAYED KID ICARUS TO JUDGE IT ! , play it i played Ocarina of time and its amazing i used to play it everyday after school until i finshed it ,and it deserves the 9.5 score but for me Kid Icarus deserves more , and there is no framerate at all during the single player, sometimes when alot of players use power-ups like mega lasers it slows a bit for like 2 sec

  9. did u even play it? I guess the answer is no and if u played it u probably tried it on a friend's 3DS or something. The controls r hard for the first hour or something but that doesnt actully matter i played the game right now for over 210hours and still playing it. i find it now the easiest game to control. Here is a tip any game made by Masahiro Sakurai is unique and amazing and has alot of content.

  10. WHAT U OWN IT AND DONT LIKE IT. u really need to know how to enjoy video games and BTW FINISH A GAME BEFORE JUDGING IT!

  11. sorry but say the same thing to ur self. Just play the game long enough and u will know how good it is. I played the game for 210 so I know a lot of things about it that u don't its actually one of the best games i have ever played in my life i think in the Top 5 list.

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