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"Impact with Intent" author Jack H. Jones: BOOK REVIEW


Impact with Intent

By Jack H. Jones

Author House (2005)

Reviewed by Tammy Petty Conrad for Reader Views (4/06)

It is 1979 in Manhattan and John Thomas notices things others
Do not. In his first real job out of school with a prestigious
Company, IBS, he manages to save the day on an expensive
Lawsuit, get fired and rehired as a consultant by the same
Company, perform a tracheotomy on a Russian college in a
Restaurant and attract no less than three women at the office. And
Most of this happens within six weeks of his hire date.

Thomas is almost too good to be true. He's a doctor, lawyer and
Has a PhD in Mathematics. Although a novel, the author, Jack H.
Jones, was determined that the protagonist's behavior in "Impact
With Intent "should be an example to readers and even to his own
Children. His goal while writing was that John Thomas would use
His brain rather than his brawn to right the wrongs of the world.
But John does not have the average brain. In addition to his three
Advanced degrees, he speaks five languages, including Chinese
And Russian.

His obsession with the theory that "nothing happens until
Someone does something, "permeates the book
Character is able to maneuver its work situation so that he is paid
Handsomely to prove his theory works and is marketable. Thomas
Likes to explain to anyone who will listen that "the equation is
Simple: Human Intent – Leads to – Action Decision – Modified by
– Influencing Factors – Equals – Action Results. "The author
Obviously uses his scientific background and business experience
To make his novel more realistic. The excessive details may slow
Some readers down a bit, but others will find it worthwhile in
Setting the scene.

But do not worry, there is a bit of romance thrown in to keep you
From falling asleep in the boardroom! Elizabeth, Lori and Victoria
Are all entranced by Thomas' charms. I was curious about how
The Intent Theory, as he called it, would have proved, but was even
More entranced to find out who got the guy!

The length and weight (both physical and intellectual) of the book
Keep this one from being a beach read, but it is an interesting

By Tammy Petty Conrad

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